Captain Lu’s Spoiling Girlfriend Rules

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One of Captain Lu's spoiling girlfriend rules was that as long as his girlfriend did not cheat on him, he would support her 100% !

Lu Ye said, "Changle is more familiar with Guo Jiang. When we get home, I'll call Changle and ask him to remind Guo Jiang."

When Gu Yan heard this, she pursed her lips. "Ye, have you forgotten that Bai Changle is Bai Weiyang's older brother?"

Although he wasn't actually her brother, to the outside world he was still Bai Weiyang's brother.

Lu Ye paused for a moment, then narrowed his eyes and said, "Although the two of them are blood-related siblings, they have never been on good terms. Especially after Bai Weiyang insisted on marrying Lin Haoran, Changle has ignored his sister even more."

"How about this? I'll give Guo Rou a call when we reach your house." Gu Yan thought about it and decided that it would be more appropriate for her to talk to Guo Rou.