Can You Be Gentler To Me

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Bai Changle's reaction wasn't slow either, and he immediately began to move.

Their mission was to track the target and then find the target's base.

After leaving the mark for the special training force, the two of them quickly followed.

Bai Changle felt that it was still necessary to communicate with his temporary partner, even though he had never seen such a cold woman before.

"I say, Comrade Wen, can you be a little gentler to me next time? You almost suffocated me just now!"

Wen Lan stopped in her tracks and shot a cold glance at Bai Changle.

She had never understood why her partner this time was such a talkative person!

Her eyes seemed to contain ice shards.

"You were going to sneeze just now," Wen Lan said without any warmth. "That would have alarmed the target."

"But I haven't done it yet, have I?"

Wen Lan looked at Bai Changle as if she was looking at a retard. She said coldly, "Idiot!"