Can’t You Tell He’s Going To Bully Her?

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Sun Xingyu responded without hesitation, "No need, I've arranged her seat already."

She was really stressed. Qi Hao was always cocky, but he didn't start trouble overtly. 

'What is wrong with him today?'

'Why is he bullying a new student like this?'

'Did Gu Yan offend Qi Hao before?' It didn't seem like it though.

Gu Yan was a seed that both she and Principal Gao favored. Perhaps she could top the cosmic alliance exam.

But now, Qi Hao clearly wanted to stir up some trouble. Of course, she couldn't let Gu Yan sit next to him.

Gu Yan knew that she seemed to have given Sun Xingyu trouble. It appeared as though Sun Xingyu was quite protective of her too.

Well, the person in front of her was merely a kid.

Gu Yan suddenly said, "Ms. Sun, I'll sit next to him."

Everyone: …

Sun Xingyu: …

Even Qi Hao was taken aback. He instinctively thought, 'Is she an idiot?'

'Couldn't she tell he is going to bully her?'