Bean Sprout and Nectarine

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He was smart. In fact, he already inferred from the brief conversation between the two that they were here for Gu Yan. And they had bad intentions. 

Lu Ye's eyes were cold. 

Hmph, these two dared to come for his little angel, did they want to die?

Lu Ye's eyes came to her once again. He noticed the little angel's complexion was a lot fairer than two months ago. She became prettier as well. She bit her rosy lips together, her round and small nose tip made him want to pinch it. 

And those pretty eyes, so bright and so clear, they were what Lu Ye was most attracted to. 

Oh right, and those little ears that blushed easily. 

He really wanted to take a bite!

Colonel Lu's heart already flew to Java Island. 

And Gu Yan had no idea what was going on inside Colonel Lu's heart.