Asking To Be Burned

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As Bai Weiyang spoke, they had already reached Gu Yan's and Lu Ye's side.

A bit of distance still existed between the two pairs. Even so, they could hear the conversation of both sides.

The point of Bai Weiyang's remark was to specifically implicate Gu Yan.

She hoped Haoran would have the worst impression of Gu Yan. 

Taking advantage of Lin Xiaoyu's situation would be the best way to reach her goal.

More importantly, destroying someone's future was indeed a grave matter.

Meanwhile, Gu Yan didn't appear to be unsettled. It seemed as though she heard nothing. She simply studied the blossoms around intently.

Lu Ye felt a little unhappy, making his handsome brows furrowed.

Bai Weiyang's face crinkled in bewilderment after failing to rile up Gu Yan. She then looked at Lin Haoran. 

Lin Haoran bowed his head in contemplation, unaware of what the other person was thinking.