Aren’t You Also A Member Of The Bai Family?

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The man looked at Bai Mengchen's expression, and the corners of his mouth curled into a mocking smile as he said, "Director Bai, he wants you to do him a favor. After all, Bai Weiyang is his only child. He doesn't want to see his daughter living a very down and out life after he gets out of prison."

"Is he the one who gave birth to the child with that Zhang Lan?" Bai Mengchen's expression was clearly still in a trance.

Women, no matter how smart and calm they were would instantly turn into idiots when it came to matters of the heart!

The man sneered and said, "Or if you don't understand, you can go to the prison and ask him. Of course, if you can help Bai Weiyang, it has to be now. If you miss this opportunity, Bai Weiyang will be finished. After all, I heard that the Lin family doesn't treat her very well."

Bai Mengchen clenched her fists. Her heart was in turmoil as she took a deep breath. However, she felt her heart throb with pain.

That man…