Are You Going to Agree or Not?

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Lu Ye raised his brows a little and smiled leisurely. Along with a casual expression and trace of indifference, the corners of his lips rose slightly. 

"You're going to compete with me?"

"No, the female soldiers we lead will." The smile on Lin Haoran's face didn't falter. "Of course, if you don't want to compete, that's fine."

At this moment, one female soldier from the Medical Department said, "Captain Lin, aren't we bullying the Logistics Department too much? They are at the bottom of every type of training each year."

With this, the other female soldiers from the same department covered their mouths and snickered. They tried to keep it hushed, but it still reached the ears of the female soldiers from the Logistics Department.

Their faces weren't too good.

Guo Rou was a straightforward person. "We haven't even tried yet, so how do you know we will definitely lose? Hmph, Captain Lu, accept their challenge. I'll beat them down!"