Another Misunderstanding

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"… I, I'm saying, can you study abroad with me? Brother Hao, let's go together. My family can pay for your school fees!"

Qi Hao's impatience had been blatantly expressed in his face. "Pfft, is my family short of money? I don't want to go to some foreign place! It's not like the mainland doesn't have good schools!"

"Mhm, Brother Hao, don't get angry. It's fine if you don't want to go abroad. Can we get back together? If you agree, I'll immediately tell my family that I won't go! I'll stay in the mainland!"

The girl's tone was desperately pleading. She had a gentle appearance as well. With her eyes getting red, it would be hard for someone not to pity her.

That was what Gu Yan thought when she passed by with Jiang Yue.

Qi Hao was so annoyed. But then, he happened to catch sight of Gu Yan who had just turned around.

He was taken aback, and his mind went blank for a moment.