22 Chapter 22: Void Slaves (Human Form)!

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"Are these void slaves in human form?"

Adam raised his head and looked curiously at the three figures in front of him.

The three void slaves in human form were different from the spider form. Although they were in human form.

However, they did not have any facial features. Although they were tall, they did not have any aura.

It was just like a piece of void.

This characteristic was very suitable for assassinations and other missions.

Moreover, Adam could clearly feel that their lives were in his hands.

This was a feeling that he had never felt before when he was in his spider form.

It seemed that this was one of the benefits of just comprehending the power of the void.

After all, it was possible that there was an existence in the world that controlled my void slaves.

If I could control the life and death of these void slaves at any time, there would be no risk of them switching sides.

Adam said to the three figures before him, "What abilities do you all have?"

It seemed that because the human form was very special, when he looked over this time, there was no information attribute, so he could only ask them personally.

As soon as Adam said that, the three figures seemed to have turned into a pool of ink, completely seeping into the floor.

There was not a trace of existence.

Adam closed his eyes to feel for a while, and found that there was not a trace of Aura, but as the master of the void slaves, he could still clearly feel their existence.

He clearly knew that they were in the same place and had not moved at all.

They had only hidden their figures.

"Not bad"

Adam nodded in satisfaction. Such concealment methods were much more brilliant than the spider-form void slaves.

The spider-form had to be adjusted through the shadows to completely conceal their aura, but the human form did not seem to need it at all.

To be able to expend so much life energy, there was indeed something superior to the spider-form.

Not bad!

It was just that they did not know how good their offensive abilities were.

"Attack me!"

Adam gave them an order!

The void slaves were absolutely subservient to their master, so they did not hesitate and directly attacked Adam.

The originally calm room was instantly filled with killing intent. Three purple figures suddenly emerged from behind him, the ceiling, and the ground.

Then, they held sharp blades in their hands and launched a brazen attack at Adam.

There were also strange purple patterns on the blade. One look at Adam and one would know that this blade was coated with void poison!

Before the blade was even close, Adam could already feel the sharpness from above. Even his skin felt a tingling pain.

However, these things wouldn't cause any harm to him.

Adam didn't panic at all. He slowly raised his arm and clenched it tightly.


Pitch-black flames erupted from his hand and quickly formed a circle, repelling the three void slaves.

The terrifying and strange hellfire stuck to their bodies, but there wasn't a trace of emotion on their faces. They just quietly let the Hellfire burn.

Without Adam's orders, they did not move.

Even if the hellfire burned them to death, they would not be moved in any meaningful way.

They are the void slaves!

Adam nodded in satisfaction. As the master of the void slaves, he actually could not clearly feel the pain of them. But before he gave the order, they would remain in this position.

Until death.

This kind of slave who could ignore all pain and keep his body calm was simply too important to Adam.

This was a warrior who was not afraid of death!

They did not care about pain or their own lives.

The meaning of their lives was the order of their master!

Adam needed this kind of warrior very much at the moment!

No matter what kind of situation it was, he needed it!

Adam waved his hand, extinguishing the infernal flames burning on their bodies.

After clearly understanding the abilities of the void slaves in human form, he naturally wouldn't allow them to be burned to death by the infernal flames.

After all, creating these void slaves consumed a lot of life energy.

This, was all money!

However, he didn't know if it was Adam's misconception, but he always felt that these void slaves in human form had become more solid after being burned by the flames.

Looking at these void slaves, Adam nodded in satisfaction.

Although their strength was not high, it was obvious that they were already at one star.

Compared to the commander from yesterday, they were much stronger.

They could also be considered as one of the outstanding ones among the one stars.

Immediately, Adam had another guess in his heart.

That was, if the void slaves were created by using the life energy of monsters or humans, would they become stronger.

After all, judging from the lifeforce of the spider monsters last time, the lifeforce of each creature seemed to be different.

But now, Adam did not have the conditions to verify his guess, so he could only put it aside for the future.

He ordered the three void slaves.

"You guys go explore the surroundings. If there's anything unusual, tell me immediately!"

They should have given simple orders to the three void slaves.

Although these three void slaves were like corpses, they actually had intelligence that was not inferior to humans.

Perhaps that was why they were weaker than the spider-form void slaves, but they needed more life energy.

The three void slaves did not make any unnecessary movements. They just knelt down and bowed to Adam before disappearing into the room.

One of the void slaves even took away all the animal carcasses in the room.

"How convenient!"

Adam lamented.

Through his senses, the three void slaves each found a hidden place near the building and hid themselves one by one.

After controlling the surrounding environment in his own hands, Adam finally let out a sigh of relief.

To be honest, the last time he went out to help those soldiers, it was actually quite risky. Did he leave behind many traces? He had to prevent others from finding him.

After thoroughly monitoring this place, Adam finally felt at ease.

"However, although I'm already close to two stars and can barely be considered a strong person, facing an existence like the Evil God is still too powerless."

"I need to become stronger faster!"

However, even though Adam was very distressed about this, he didn't have any good ideas at the moment.

The current situation was that most of his strength came from his monsters.

He wasn't an awakener himself, and his strength came from the edited monsters.

Without a systematic training method, there was no way for him to become stronger.

It was too easy to just wait for the next time he edited the monster.

Adam thought about it carefully and realized that what he lacked the most right now was understanding the awakener system.

He had to find a way to obtain this information.

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