I Spy Two Haters/Lovers

Journee, an NYPD officer and Archer, an FBI agent are after a common mafia boss, but they don’t know it. They cross each other’s path at every corner and involuntarily destroy each other chances to make a case against him. Each unknowingly keeps sabotaging the other. If they get a chance, they will kill each other. Finally, they decide to work together to put him behind bars and… fall in love.

DaoistxYTRJ0 · Urban
Not enough ratings
271 Chs

Passive-aggressive gestures

While all that happened with Archer, Journee and her team waited in the park for the Hall family to finish their picnic and return. Journee made sure that they captured everything, every exchange, every single member of the Hall Crime family in cameras. After collecting all the footage till the Hall family exited the park, they too return for the precinct. Every NYPD officer started reaching the precinct one by one.

Everyone was tired after spending the whole day in the park. They had not eaten anything so as soon as Journee reached the precinct, she ordered pizza for everyone. Some waited in the conference room together, sipping coffee and others ran to the bathroom to relieve themselves.

Journee had to go and debrief her seniors. She gave further instructions to Jack and Henry and dragged Trevor with her to the Captain's cabin. All the major players of CED were present inside the cabin waiting for Journee to come back. They had to report back to their respective law agency.