2 Stardom

"Zac, I understand, if 𝒚𝒐𝒖𝒓𝒆 angry, but Im not the distant one," neither was he, but I had to come up with some excuse to break up with him. He started arguing and I yelled back (my acting was pretty good), then I just left. It was late so I decided to head for the club. I needed a drink, right now.

I just sat in a booth for a bit. It was pretty full, which was bothering me a bit. A few guys looked my way, but I shook my head, signaling to leave me be. I got bored, so I took a couple shots. I forgot that alcholol hits me hard. I was drunk. This guy walked in, and immediatly ran over to me as I was about to fall from drinking a few too many. He picked me up, and I smirked, "W-why hello! You look nice. I know! You are a handsome knight, Im a princess. Take me away!" I said jumping into his hands.


"You need to go home," he stated.

"With you?"

"...No," at this point he was probably blushing, I couldnt tell, my eyes were closed. I bent my head over, and he saw the glowing symbol from my neck. Oh yeah, every Zodiac has one referring to their sign. they glow whenever theyre near another Zodiac, or their constellation is above them. "He took me to his car as I cheered playfully. After a while the alcholol wore off, and I evidently fell asleep.

The next morning, I woke up in his bed. I wasnt suprised, because I remembered the events from the night before. Soon enough, I found myself waking up the guy that took me here. "Give me breakfast, please. Im hungry, you cant put me here and then starve me." he started cooking when he was cooking, thats when I noticed the zodiac sign on his neck. "Wait, youre a Zodiac, too?"

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"Um, yeah. Thats why I took you home. I was afraid of what might happen to you."

"Why do you care what happens to me?"

"Were Zodiacs. We look out for eachother."

"We do? Woops. Thank you, though. Im Althea."

"Im Lee. And youre welcome."

Looking out the window at the beautiful view he had of the city, I remembered what I had said to him. My cheeks flushed. "Um, by the way, Im so-"

"Its fine, I was kinda your knight," He said as he handed me a plate of food. He watched me eat, but it didnt bother me. He was a good cook.

"You know, are signs are compatible," he smirked.

"No, we arent. Youre Aries, genius," I stated

"Youre stubborn, Im forceful. The coincide."

"Whatever you say, lover-boy. Its never gonna happen."

"Yeah, sure"

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