1 Star Child

I yawned as I woke up at about 12:00 am. My boyfriend, Zac, was still asleep. I knew in my heart he could never truly love me. I was a Zodiac. My whole life was basically planned out. It wasnt what I wanted, but I had to play along.

Heres what I mean: My name is, Althea. I am a Star Child, a Zodiac. Every once in a very long while, the stars align. I was chosen as a Taurus. Hotheaded, possesive. Cute, but devilish. Thats me. My job is to sit there and look pretty. Zodiacs have to be there, or everything goes bad.. Stars implode, black holes form, Earth is thrown of its axis. Zodiacs must give up their energy to keep everything in order. So, unless I can find another Zodiac, Ill never find love. Ive already met a one, actually. Aquarius (Gianna), rude at first. As I got to know her, she became nicer. Shes a good friend, now. Oh, Ive got some bad blood. I betrayed Hera. A goddess, as some people view her. In reality, she is in charge of marriages, making sure nothing gets out of hand, globally. She can be viewed as a goddess, but she just as a big, important job. Anyway, she was my best friend, but I betrayed her. Im not exactly proud, but Im looked down upon by some of the gods and godesses. Im known as the "Wandering Bull". The only Star Child that doesnt get to visit anywhere outside of Earth. Its my punishement, or whatever.

Now, Ill have have to face Zac. I dont want to, but Ill have to. Since I cant mention Im a Zodiac, Ill just tell him theres someone else, or something. I dont care, at this point. I already messed things up. Ill just continue with my everlasting reign as "Queen of the Traitors" as Hera likes to say. She doesnt bother me anymore, no matter how much she talks behind my back. She can call me a two-faced liar. I made a mistake, I manned up to it. But life as a Star Child isnt so simple.

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