1 Fear

To the the girl I loved from the girl I love. The above line you just read leads the story to be titled "I, She, We Or Us".

You must being curious right. About what's us doing here after we. So let me head the story.

As you know we're in a generation where everyone's filled with anxiety, even we weren't different. But the difference was we were hunting for some answers

Where I was looking for an answer about my fate to be like this at the same time she was looking for an answer about why all those things happened with her or why they put her in such situations.

So it's been a year we used to know each other and we met after a year or so. Don't know if it was just coincidence or something else it's just I don't know. We started talking every single day. As days passed I got the answer about my fate. On the other side she has to find her own answers.

We had planned something. Something which could have lead me to a place nowhere. I have to welcome her on the airport along with her friend. In the beginning I was excited for this moment.

Once I had told her something mentioning us as we(me and her) at that time she had denied saying there's no we in us. I kept recalling it in my mind everytime. Then one thought kicked my mind to something that "I can't loose her after getting so close". I mean how can can I just.....

How can I just loose her. However it was a promise that I'd welcome her.

So that day here we're(me and her friend who's my companion and also we became friends) at the airport to welcome the girl I love.

Let's forget love. I'm insecure to meet her. It's been almost forty five minutes we're waiting for her and finally there she's stepping out from the immigration counter's door. Stepping forward to me. Every step she's taking recalling me of that thought "how can I loose her".

This shouldn't be the way it is now. I should have just hide behind something so that she won't be able to notice my presence. From where I can see her coming closer. I just need to hide myself.

Forget few above lines you just read you know my mind sucks a lot.

So she's stepping closer fifteen feets.... Ten....Nine....Eight....Seven....Six....Five....Four....Three....Two....Booom(one isn't there not just because she took a long step it's just because I didn't got the time to count the last one). I lost her. I lost the girl I loved. I just lost the girl I love. I mean I lost after getting close. Yes I did.

Then recalled something once she had said "There's no We in us".

There's no we in us