41 Silent Rebirth

'Are they coming back?' This question popped up in Arion's mind the moment he heard the sound of their screeches getting closer.

But when he looked at the far away dimly lit area with pink crystals, he saw a large shadow emerging out, way bigger than the Jawfiends he previously saw.

'Crap! Imma outta here!' Arion didn't even bother to see what or how big it was and proceeded to run forward with his newfound legs.

The bow and quiver were strapped around his shoulders while he hung the axes around his side belt with the help of the clip attached on the ends of the axes.

He had no idea where the path he was running on was taking him, but he still decided to run opposite of whatever that thing he saw before.


*Kreeee* *Kreee*

'What the fuck was that sound?!' The terrifying screech Arion heard among other screeches sent chills through his skin.

That particular screech was way louder, angrier, and frightening. He was sure those Dreadlings must have found out he had escaped and had become angry because of it.

Arion could only see darkness ahead except for the dim pink light illuminating his path. He couldn't see what was farther, but he believed that he was in some sort of underground cave for sure.

All he could see were rocky walls around him with pink stones embedded on them, which had a beautiful glow to them. He felt that if it were not for these pink stones, he would have been running totally blind.

He began to give more power to his legs when he heard the sounds of the Jawfiends scurrying towards him from behind.

Since he was so preoccupied with trying to run away and because his surroundings were poorly lit, he had no idea of how fast he was running.

If his body had his usual strength, then he would have already been hunted down by the Jawfiends.

Without his knowledge, he had already entered the fourth cycle of the Prana Binding Stage and was still increasing to continue on to the next cycle!

The first cycle of the Prana Binding Stage requires his pranic heart to complete four rounds of circulating the prana-infused blood all around his body, strengthening his body along the way, thus making one complete loop.

Each subsequent cycle would require four times the amount of rounds it took for the previous cycle.

For instance, it would take four rounds for the first cycle of the Prana Binding Stage. Then it would take sixteen rounds for the second cycle, sixty-four rounds for the third cycle, and so on till the tenth cycle, which would require a whopping 1,048,576 rounds, which could take years for a normal Defier.

Each cycle needed to be completed fully for the effects to fully take place. For example, Cayden was technically at the tenth cycle of the Prana Binding Stage, but his physical capabilities were only that of the ninth cycle of the Prana Binding Stage since he hadn't completed the required number of rounds for the tenth cycle. Thus the effects wouldn't take place completely.

Still, he would be stronger than a Defier at the ninth cycle of the Prana Binding Stage.

The reason's Arion's 'Defity' or his power levels were increasing so fast was not because his heart was pumping blood very fast but because his blood was infused with more prana than other normal Defiers, thus drastically reducing the number of rounds it required for him to advance the number of cycles in the Prana Binding Stage.

And this strange abnormality arose from the fact of how his unique pranic heart was subtly sucking in all the prana he received from Mei and other Healifiers who tried to infuse their prana into his body in hopes of healing his body.

He had been receiving prana from them, especially Mei, for all these years, including the prana he unconsciously absorbed with the help of the Golden Monolith all these years was contributing to his sudden increase in strength as well.

This was why Mei and the other Healifers were unable to heal him before since his pranic heart was sucking away all the prana they were infusing into his body in hopes of healing his legs.

His previously dead nerves were already rejuvenated and brought to life now, and they were functioning way better than a normal person.

His muscles throughout his body were slowly expanding, becoming stronger and denser, thus helping him carry forward his legs at an amazing speed.

In such an unexpected situation and times, Arion had finally become a Quasi-Defier, and if he knew about it, he would have cried out of joy.

If someone told Arion that his current speed would make Usain Bolt look bad, he would slap that guy out of disbelief and also because he was his fan as well.

But this only proved how fast the Dreadlings behind him were as well since they were slowly catching up to him.


'Damn, what the hell is wrong with my stomach!' Arion felt as if his hunger pangs were becoming worse and that he might become crazy if he didn't get his hands on some food.


But Arion came to a stop when he suddenly heard the screech of a Jawfiend in front of him and saw it scurrying towards him, making him swallow his saliva.

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