I See The Monster In You Book

novel - Historical Romance

I See The Monster In You


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It's funny how overnight your life can change, I thought life was this boring daily monologue where people look for something that makes everything better, that makes everything make sense. But I found myself going crazy when I crossed the path of her, the blue-eyed girl who seemed to burn everything around her. If the flames of hell were alive, they would surely be caught in his eyes. Unwittingly I stumbled and fell headfirst into your world which I would later discover to be my world as well, but how much irony of fate, I abhorred the monsters of the movies until I saw myself loving one is being one, but the most contradictory was to find out that I am the heir to a bloody legacy, so I can't see blood that I already want to faint. So... What would be my destiny ? Choose a normal and dull life, or enjoy the destiny that was prepared for me centuries ago. Anyway, I see the monster in you, so let's taste the sweet poison that life gives us.