13 Match 13

"What is it with you and rocks? I mean in just a few days you have cracked two people's head open" Mikael asked Alex as Mark next to him was trying to catch his breath.

The two wolves had made the boys run at the other side of the lake deep in the forest until his house was just a small dot. Especially now that the night had fallen the only thing that was noticeable was the ambulance's blue light but that too had disappeared a while ago.

It was cold outside and the group had found refuge next to a little stream. There had been two huge stones there with flat and dirty and mark wiped it carefully before he sat on it. The night sky was starless tonight and the only light was the moon that stood proud as the king of the endless dark hours.

Alex was embraced by a darkness, not as pure as the night veil and certainly not as simple as that. There was a shadow surrounding his presence and his green eyes had almost seemed lifeless. When he asked Mikael's question he didn't even speak to him, he just looked at him silent.

"Dude! Could you not!" Mark scolded him and Mikael looked at him with a confused look. He didn't mean any harm by asking that question it was just that for him deaths. Murders and in general violence was a much more common occurrence than it was to the two boys. Adding the fact that he had not liked Alex's father a lot he didn't really care if something had happened to him.

"I'm sorry okay. But Alex don't worry he is not dead. I'm pretty sure. He will live" he told the numb boy and he finally got to get a slight reaction from his when he heard the world alive.

"Really?" Alex asked and he sounded like a small child. He didn't want to have committed such act. As much as he disliked his dad, as much as he had been in pain because of him, humiliated and forgotten that man was still his father and he didn't want to be the reason of his death or the reason his mother cried.

"Yeah. It's going to be okay but I think she will go to the police so we should find a way to head back to town and find a means of escape. She definitely saw my car."

"So we will have to walk until there?" Mark asked and he already sounded exhausted. He closed his eyes and rubbed his face letting out something like a small scream that annoyed everyone's ears. Alex looked at his red headed friend with a sad look and said.

"I'm sorry. It's all my fault. Everything" He sat at the other rock and let his head fall. His palms were resting on his knees and even thought his time he didn't cry his heart was being torn apart. He was putting everyone in danger. Every single one of his decisions had let them to this and this situation right now was much worse than he believed. They were going to be accused of attempted murder and he could already imagine his face in western style wanted signs. That made him let out a bitter laugh and draw Luke's attention.

He hadn't said anything all this time but his eyes were locked on Alex. He observed his every move, he listened carefully to his every word and while the cold breeze caressed his exposed skin he waited. He waited for him to break down. That was the only natural reaction after everything that had happened and he still hadn't let everything out. Crying in his room was not even a pinch of how Luke would have reacted after everything that happened and was expecting soon something big to happened and for some peculiar reason he wanted to be there.

In his mind being there for him when that happened was like amending for all the emotional damage he had done. He knew that wasn't true but still it was something. Yet it was very egotistic and that hurt him. Luke wanted to be there for him, to help him mend his pain but still he couldn't fathom the thought of Alex hating him or not talking to him. So he sat on the ground right next to the huge grey rock not caring if his clothes would get dirty and played with the water on the little, cold stream staying quiet while everyone conversed.

"Alex, Listen buddy…" Mark began saying and stood up. He forced his friend to move a bit so they could sit on the same spot and he placed his palms on his shoulder, turning him around. "These few days have been the most exiting days of my life. I mean yeah we might die by bloodthirsty werewolves or get arrested but this is much better than Sunday soccer practice"

Alex's eyes widened at his friend's words. He was blaming him he was actually in this with him and he would make the most of it. He always admired that about Mark, the fact that he was able to grasp every moment like it was the last and live his life with no regrets. They had gotten themselves into an unthinkable adventure but at least they were together under a beautiful moon.

"Thanks" the boy mumbled and Mark gave him a big hug, letting him rest for a bit. Alex let out a relieved sigh and closed his eyes welcoming Mark's warmth.

"Also I don't know why you didn't tell me you were gay but just so you know, I'm totally cool with it" he whispered in his ear and Alex nodded. He never expected he could have such a good friend.

"I have a question though. How did your dad find out that you were there? I mean is the place filled with cameras or something?" Mikael asked while thinking of a good explanation as to why they had been discovered so fast.

"That hag!" Mark exclaimed as he let go of Alex. "That old lady that came by probably called your parents."

"That could be true" Alex said and considered that possibility. She had been very friendly with his parents while they visited the summer and they had had dinner together quite a few times together before but why would she call? Alex was there it was practically his house too. "But I am not completely sure"

"Well we can think about that tomorrow" Mark said and grabbed his duffle bag from the ground. He opened the zipper and started searching here and there and soon he took out a huge square mat and two blankets. "I am prepared for everything" he said with a quirky smile and laid down the mat neatly.

"I wonder how many things fit in there" Mikael commented and Mark looked at him with an excited look.

"Pretty cool right?" he said with a huge smile "I've had that bag ever since I was a teenager." He explained and Mikael looked at him.

"Yeah. That's cool" he agreed with him but for a second it almost seemed like his mind was somewhere else. Mark didn't pay much attention because soon after the blue eyed boy had laid down and covered himself with one of the blankets. "Goodnight everyone" he mumbled and didn't bother conversing with anyone anymore.

Mark yawned and stretched his arms and legs before he laid down too at the other side of the mat wrapping himself with th other blanket. He patted the empty space next to him and looked at Alex with a naughty smile.

"Honeyy, come join me" he told him playfully and Alex giggled.

"In a minute. I'm not sleepy yet I'll probably look around a bit."

"Okay then but don't go too far and get lost"

"Yes mum. I'll be careful"

"Good. Good. Goodnight"


The sounds of leaves and twigs that were breaking underneath the soles of his shoes reminded him of how Luke ran through the forest in his wolf form. The enormous beast had crumbled everything that his paws stepped on and for a second Alex wondered how strong were the other wolves. Would they be able to survive if they got attacked again?

He kept thinking and thinking and his mind had almost turned upside down as many different thoughts were bombarding his peace. He always had that problem. If he stayed alone he would start thinking and his thoughts from a small drop of water would transform into a little lake, then a sea and later into a stormy ocean that would drown him in the end.

He had been rejected by Luke, he had been called a freak, he had been kidnapped and tortured, he killed a supernatural beast, injured his father and became a possible criminal and still he didn't wish for everything to end and that was his most guilty thought. He should want everything to stop. Return back to his dorm and listen to boring lectures, go to practice but that life seemed too far away already.

If he left, he wouldn't be able to see Luke anymore. He didn't believe that they would stay friends now, Luke probably wouldn't want that and even after the cruel words they had exchanged he still cared about him. It was frustrating and annoying how he still liked his pretty eyes and the soothing sound of his deep voice. How he wanted to see him smile and how he could still remember perfectly the sensation of their kiss.

Alex was angry at himself. So many things had happened, serious things that brought them a lot of trouble but he was still fixated on Luke and that was such a childish behavior. He had been rejected cruelly and everything he believed existed between them had proved to be a lie so why was he acting like a love-struck fool? Because that was exactly what he was.

While he paced around thinking of everything he didn't notice Luke who was standing close by. He was supporting himself on a tree, his wide back touching the tree trunk and with his hands crossed on his chest he observed him. Alex in his eyes was being bathed by the bright light of the moon, the shadows of the leaves making different shapes on his face as he looked at the night sky.

He looked so pure being consumed in his own world ignoring everything around him as he unconsciously mumbled scattered words here and there and soon Luke felt the need to approach him but in the end he didn't. he had been spotted by Alex as he expected, not pleased with how little time he had to admire his beauty. The green eyed boy came where he was resting and looked at him with a questioning look.

"Were you following me?"

"Yes. I was worried about you."

"Don't be. You don't have to."

"Believe me I don't want to."

"Then don't"

"It's not that easy"

"Why so?" Alex asked filled with curiosity. Before they ran away he had woken up in Luke's embrace but neither of them had talked about that due to the tension of the events that followed.

"I am worried. I just am. After everything that has happened to you how could I not be?" Luke said and looked at him in the eyes. His look was sad and he seemed like he wanted to say more but he was trying to stop himself. Alex wanted to push him, get everything out of him.

"I don't need your pity" he told him again and Luke huffed angrily. He almost reminded Alex of a bulla and he tried not to laugh.

"It's not pity!" he said raising the tone of his voice in desperation. He took his back off the trunk and moved closer. "It's definitely not pity."

"Then what is it?" Alex asked feeling his heart race. He didn't know what he was going to hear but he couldn't not get his hopes up.

"I don't know. I don't want to know" Luke said in a low tone and his face darkened. Alex's hopes were crushed into small pieces. He always had the perfect words to make him feel awful. He didn't need to do much just say out loud what he was thinking and he could make Alex break into many tiny pieces. "Wait…that's not…" he tried to rephrase once he noticed his disappointed and pained expression. It was too late though. Alex was sure that Luke did not feel good with who the green eyed boy was and the confusion he had clouding his thoughts only resulted in Alex being hurt. He didn't want to talk anymore nor try. He just wanted to leave this feeling behind.

"It's fine. Let's not talk about it anymore." Alex said and tried to leave. He didn't want to argue or try to get through to him anymore. He just wanted this thing they had between them to end but Luke stopped him.

He grabbed his wrist and turned him around. He fell on his chest as he pulled him closer and he could feel the rising and falling from his breathing. He stood there tense not wanting to allow himself to relax.

"I'm sorry I just don't know. I…I wish I could make you understand" he said and the regret in his voice was obvious but Alex was unable to feel any compassion.

"It's alright. We should just stop this whatever it is. You don't know what you want." He stated and Luke looked at him.

"I know what I want. I want to kiss you again."

"No." Alex said surprising him.

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