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I reincarnated into the Marvel Universe


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My life was horrible I had parents who only gave birth to me just to save their marriage they were workaholics who didn’t even care about their own son who suffered extreme depression and child neglect.I was bullied all my life and was ignored by those who I thought loved me I had nothing and I was nothing the only thing I had that kept me from crying myself to sleep was reading comics about heroes who risked their lives to save those who weren’t able to protected themselves.I envied them because at the end of the day they were loved by everyone and looked up to as role models.I dreamed of becoming a hero myself and I would always follow the rule”with great power comes great responsibility’s”.I drowned myself in comics trying to escape the real world and by the time I realized it I had died from extreme stress and exhaustion.I knew no one would care about my death until I heard a familiar voice that said”EXCELSIOR”.And ever since then my life became that of what I dreamed of. Yo it’s your boi sorry if I haven’t been able to upload my mha fan fic I was busy dealing with some tuff things in my life and my dad was hospitalized but he’s better now.Im making this fan fic because of the love I have for Marvel so I hope you all enjoy it and don’t worry I’ll be able to upload for both fan fics.


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