I Reincarnated into the Evil Mother of the cutest children
novel - Historical Romance

I Reincarnated into the Evil Mother of the cutest children


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What is I Reincarnated into the Evil Mother of the cutest children

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Chun-Hei is an 18 year old girl who died being pushed down a building. One day she woke up in a unfamiliar room with a man by her side. She ran to the bathroom and the man followed after her. He then pushed her to the wall and shouted “DIANE DON’T YOU EVER GO INTO MY ROOM WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!!” She looked at the man and suddenly tears came running down my face he then walked out. After getting out of that mess I went into a room. While I went to a room I looked and saw a child. The child looked at me and said” M-Mommy d-do y-y-you need anything??” Frightened the boy almost cried. I ran out and threw a teddy bear. I ran to the garden and found a bench and thought “A Duke, A child, and the name Diane, am I in a novel.” Note: Updates only on Weekends if on Weekdays it’s considered late DISCONTINUED

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I really want to like this story. But I think the reason why I’m not as fond of it is due to the fact that each chapter feels like a summary of a chapter and not a chapter. Like when you have a test on what you were supposed to read last night, but you didn’t read so your friend gives you the gist. The idea is good, but the execution makes me sad. Things happen so quickly that I can’t keep up. That being said: this series has a lot of potential if it is slowed down and things are explained. I’m not saying this to be mean, I just can see the potential of this series. And that’s why I’m being honest. So dear author, please take your time. This could be a hit if you just slow down and build up your world and your characters.


I have to say that I didn't have high expectations of the book itself, but I found the story idea quite interesting. To start with the narration of the story could only be described as flat. It felt like the author had the idea in his head and wanted to write it as soon as possible. The story line was sometimes all over the place and I didn't even know what was happening anymore. The characters where not well written and I didn't get any feelings from them. The relationship from the main couple didn't really have a good development from my point of view. The background of the main character wasn't really clear, first her parents didn't care for her than she was abused and after that it was written that she had a good relationship with her parents. But I think, that if the author rewrote his story and place more effort into the whole thing, it would be a really good book.


this book is GREATTT. I got wait to have kids. I'm so excited. yayayyay. I'm kinda scared wendy will be here soon. I hope he disowns wendy or diane runs way with all her kids.😂😂


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I started this story really not chance and I love it! Quick I'll like the rest! Please, it's been 3 months since the last update 😭 I want to see the relationship between the three characters evolved!


Reveal spoiler


It's a good book 🙂 the story is really heartwarming 😊 ( for the author ) but the problem is that it gets too jumbled up😕 like at one moment Daine is thinking then another moment it's about Claude 🙁 Also sometimes it's about her past in this world and sometimes in the previous world but there is no mention of which world she is talking about 🤔 and other things like this ....... So i would appreciate it if you could make it a bit more specific ☺️ ( for the readers ) Anyway all in all its a fussy and warm story ,.....and if you are looking for that do try it


It's a good book. I just wish the character development and story line was a little better. While the characters are lovely they are quite flat in personality and rather unrelatable. But otherwise the book is great and thank you for you dedication to this book.


Giving it a 5 star because I love your title.. Hahaha Haven't read it yet but the title definitely grabbed my attention. I Have such high hopes for the story. I am greatly anticipating it but thought I'd write a review of how awesome the title is lol I hope the story is still continued and I will definitely support you until the end. Keep up the great work. Thanks for being amazing and sharing your talent with people like me.


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