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A few months went by after Team 7 completed their first mission out of the village.

Slowly, all the newly registered genin teams from naruto's batch had their chance to head out of the village, but none got to experience anything higher than C-rank.

Seeing Kakashi's team's performance in the wave mission, Hiruzen thought of giving the team higher-ranked missions more frequently.

The week after they came back, they were sent to the Land of Snow to protect an actress, who turned out to be a princess in hiding.

Team 7 ended up defeating the princess's uncle, at the request of the princess herself. This in turn caused the Land of Snow to be allied with Konoha, and indirectly, to the Land of Fire.

This mission was again turned into an A-rank mission from a B-rank, mostly due to it involving machines and chakra armor that made a genin into a special jonin. Also, it involved a coup of a foreign nation.

Life went on uneventfully for a while after.

Yakumo had grown considerably in strength. Her physical strength could rival an average genin for now, while her genjutsu prowess had increased significantly. If only her genjutsu abilities were considered, she would be easily able to qualify as a chunnin, but because her physical body was a burden of sorts, she was not able to be promoted through special considerations. Also, she didn't have enough experience yet.

Sasuke had completely mastered his three tomoe Sharingan, and with help from Madara's notes that Hiroki had Naruto deliver, he had grown a lot once more.

Inside his mind, Ashura was able to make some progress with Indra, finally getting him to say words that didn't involve, "Ashura!!!" or "Die!!!". While Indra's sanity was returning slightly, it hadn't recovered completely yet. Hiroki hypothesized it would take at least another two or three months.

Kakashi, unlike before, had started to train seriously once more. Something about seeing a bundle of joy that was left behind by his elder brother and sister in his care had triggered something inside him, pushing him forwards to improve himself.

Kakashi was undoubtedly a genius. When he met with naruto and the team for the first time, he had not done any major missions for the village in almost five years.

His strength had stagnated, even dropped down a few levels. But in just a few months, he was back to his prime, fitting into the title of 'Kakashi of the Sharingan' very well. Naruto had helped him in this.

By making a simple chakra suppression seal on Kakashi's eye, that worked on simple neural commands from its host, Kakashi was able to toggle the borrowed Sharingan on and off like a true Uchiha. This also stopped him from having to continuously expend chakra every day.

Naruto, on the other hand, had been training his chakra control and body to the limits. He was, after all, preparing to open the seal inside him and control the vast amounts of chakra that would be released.

"I believe it's time for you to open the seal, kiddo. Your body has adapted to the influx of blood and chakra and changed your chakra composition completely. I was able to balance Indra's chakra with Ashura's inside your body and multiply it before your body recognized it as your own. Now, you have the chakra of both the incarnations and the next step would be to help you master their powers." Hiroki said seriously to Naruto one day.

It was that very day when Naruto woke up feeling lighter and swifter than ever before. At first, he thought his restriction seals on his body for training had been released, but on further inspection, that wasn't the case.

It was just that his reserves had suddenly tripled in size, while something golden poked him from the back.

"Adamantium Chains!! Congratulations Naruto. You awoke your bloodline limit." Hiroki congratulated the boy, who had trouble controlling the octopus-like arms sprouting from his back.

Upon further training and inspection, Naruto and Hiroki recognized the chains as Adamantium Attack Chains and Adamantium Spirit Chains.

From Minato's memories that Hiroki won, he understood that the Uzumaki had a total of three different variations to the chains.

Attack chains specializing in the attack. Fast, swift, and precise. Sealing chains, the one that Kushina had, specializing in defense, and sealing the opponent's movement, could be used in conjunction with sealing techniques.

And the last one, the Spirit chains. These ones were rare, only appearing once every few generations of royalty. These ones were not only rare but also deadly.

Unlike the sealing chains that stopped the movement of the opponent, or the attack chains that destroyed the target physically, the spirit chains worked on the spirit or chakra of the target, bypassing almost all physical obstacles.

When Naruto tried to grab the chains with his hand during training once, he felt them going through his fingers, turning them numb for a while. It felt as if the blood flow and his nerves were injured.

Further testing later, Naruto confirmed it was the ability to completely sever the chakra coils of a target, completely turning them into waste if used with proper intent.

It was on that day he decided to use them only in emergencies and focused on controlling his attack chains.


Now, we see naruto sitting cross-legged under a tree with his eyes closed. Multiple sealing scrolls littered the ground around him in an intricate pattern.

Suddenly, Naruto raised his hand high, his fingertips glowing with blue fire, as he slammed it down on his belly, slowly turning the palm as if turning a dial.

Instantly, the huge golden gates that parted Naruto's mindscape into half and trapped Kurama behind them rose up into the sky, disappearing into nothingness.

"ROOOOAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRR" Seeing the gates open, Kurama, for the first time since being trapped in this body, let out a roar in excitement, shaking the roommate living with him.

"Kurama, slowly release some chakra, so that the body gets used to it at first, understand," Hiroki commanded the beast, who now roamed free in the mindscape, the giant golden bars not seen anywhere.

"I know brat. I don't want to kill him so early. If he dies, I will die and go into hibernation for another decade. I don't want to miss out on the new episodes of One Piece you stream every week, after all." Kurama spat, as his body oozed red chakra, filling up naruto's body slowly.

As if a fire spreading on his skin, Naruto's clothes burned, revealing reddened skin, as if his body itself was being burnt from the excessive chakra flooding his system.

As more and more chakra was released into Naruto's system, a dark fog of red chakra enveloped the boy, almost engulfing him, but was stopped by the seals placed all around him, as they lit up like stars on a clear night sky.

"Careful naruto. Breathe. Let the chakra flow under your control. Don't let it control you." Hiroki's calm voice sounded in Naruto's mind when Naruto showed signs of going feral.

As if magic, the feral features receded just as quickly as they came, and Naruto began to bring the chakra under control.

Staying in the same position for more than ten hours, Naruto's body underwent a metamorphosis (that brings back memories that I didn't want).

His previous yellow, blond hair was burning, as chakra saturated every single cell on his body. His hair turned golden, shining brightly under the moonlight.

His skin turned supple, but firm, his muscles taut, and a whole lot of excess fat from his body burned, turning into chakra that fused into the new chakra flowing through his body.

For more than 10 hours, Naruto sat still, until finally, Naruto completely controlled the flaming red chakra, bringing it back into his body.

"Congratulations Naruto. You successfully integrated a full tail's worth of chakra into your body."




Guess who just went Super Saiyan!!!

Nah, just kidding. He just changed his hair color from yellow to golden yellow. Also, according to this story, he now literally has enough chakra to rival a single tail, so basically, his chakra is on par with Shukaku.

Also, in the next chapters, I will go through what happened after Danzo went 'missing'.

I don't know if it's canon or not, but did the secrecy seals on the ROOT members become disabled after Danzo died?

I thought that would not be something Danzo would want, if in the direst situations, if he dies, then he wouldn't want any information to be leaked, via his ROOT members.

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Livin' in Queens, Livin' It Up In Brooklyn by infinitecompositions if anyone is interested in it.

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