9 Chapter 9

Authors note: I was really thinking about taking a break but I suddenly get these ideas then I start typing the chapters and I have no idea if the chapter is good or not. I really have nothing to write in the new moon arc since there literally nothing there except some moments in it. It will probably over by 3 or 4 chapters 5 at max. I know my English and grammar are really suck but does it make you guys sick just by reading my fanfic.

Matt's pov

Today Bella was going to confront Edward about him being a cold one or a vampire I knew both of them are going to spend the whole day in each other's company as a brother I don't want to think about it.

I got ready for school as usual with Bella is a little too nervous I guess that happens when you are about to confront a vampire.

I went to school while riding at low speed I was thinking about all the future event the nomads keep I saw all routes(Futures).

The problem with killing Victoria is her special ability enhanced self-preservation it's like spider-sense she can sense danger easily therefore for she was able to evade the capture in every vision the Cullen's try to get her I was not there since the Cullen's seem to think even with the abilities since they think I can only use my abilities to a certain extent.

Rosalie seems not to want me anywhere near the fight even if I prove that I am strong its best to do what she says.

People say a happy wife happy life in this case happy girlfriend happy relationship.

I could copy her ability when I am near her then upgrade it to see the effects. As I was reaching school I can see all the Cullen's together I parked my bike and went to Rosalie and the Cullen's.

I reached the Cullen's I wrapped my arms around Rosalie's waist in a backward hug and kissed her neck she smiled at that.

I greeted every one of the Cullen's.

I asked Rosalie looking for Bella's truck "So Bella didn't reach school yet it seems she has a lot on her mind can't blame she is going to confront a vampire after all is Edward ready."

Rosalie replied, "Yes he is ready."

Edward looked at me with surprise and said "You called me Edward."

I rolled my eyes at him and said: "Yes I did it's for saving my sister and she will not be scared of you."I mentally thinking "Every time you do something you turn back to Edweird."

Edward nodded but looked not sure about Bella not getting scared of him part.

I told everyone "Here she comes".

I saw her going from her truck and into the forest with Edward following her. I was mentally thinking while seeing this " Great idea sis confront a blood-sucking vampire in the middle of the forest I shook my head I know he won't hurt her but still, that was stupid of her."

I looked at the Cullen's and said, "I don't think both of them will be coming to school today and I don't like it."I thought about even if I disapproved of Bella being with Edward it will just not change anything she is attracted to Edward just like he is is to her.I will be a hypocrite to be with Rosalie while disapproving of Bella's relationship with Edward.

Alice smiled and said, "Yes they are not coming back to school."

We all went to class as I was going I kissed Rosalie and told her I will see her after class.

Classes went by fast at lunch Cullens and I were discussing Bella and Edward. I asked everyone "What do you think Edward will do will he try to scare her off or will he accept he is starting to have a feelings for her ."

Jasper knowing Edward "He will try to tell Bella he is a soulless monster and will try to make her avoid him."

Rosalie nodded at that and said, "Even though we are monsters Edward views himself as a soulless monster because he feels vampires cannot enter heaven."

I was thinking at the scene where Edward tells Bella that he is the world's most dangerous predator I could only think "yeah while glittering like that in the sun I don't think anyone would take you seriously. But have to agree with Edward they are very dangerous but I just can't see anyone taking a sparkling vampire seriously until they try to kill you that is."

I said my part "I don't think you guys were not born monsters circumstances caused you to be a vampire but you guys still are trying to live off animal blood while other vampires would just go for the easy route by drinking human blood this makes you different at least from what I can see and I know Bella she will accept him and your family easily."

Alice said to everyone "The 2 visions of Bella one is her becoming a vampire and the other is her dying."

I knew that I have read Alice saw these 2 visions of Bella it's like she is destined to be a vampire or she will die. I guess that's the twilight world for you.

Although I know being a vampire is not going to be easy as Bella seemed to see it as that's why I asked for the wishes to make everyone's lives easy at least make my covens life easy I will hide the vampire's existence from the world.

I am also sure Aro has a lot of influence he can make human leaders or governments loyal to him with Chelsea's ability of relationship manipulation.

I can seem to control telepathy at Cerebro level but I can easily do full state if I concentrate hard I have to train more go full world but to pinpoint a specific person is hard for now at least.

I broke out of my thoughts when I heard Sarah's voice "I guess we will have to wait and see how things turn out."

Emmet said goofy smile "I have a gut feeling everything is fine."

After school, I saw Bella next to Edward who was coming to us I looked at both of them and asked: "Everything is fine right."

Bella nodded her head the same with Edward I kissed Rosalie while I was going toward my bike and Bella was going to her truck. she asked me "You knew what they were before me"

I replied, "Yes I thought I let you figure it out."

"So how did it go, "I asked her while looking at her. Bella replied "he told me about being a vampire. He even showed me how looked in the sun it was beautiful"

I was mentally thinking looking at Bella "Shinning like a disco ball is beautiful I think I need to tell her to check the definition of beautiful."

Bella continued while giving me an accusing glare "He also told me you had your secrets as well."I looked at Edward who smirked at me.

I will tell you when we reach home. When we both reached home I gestured her to follow me both we both went to the basement I showed he the holodeck all of it. she asked me how I got all this stuff and all I fed her the same cover story.

she looked at me and said, "You had some of these abilities when we were young and you never told me and could you read my mind."

I replied, "What am I supposed to say hey Bella I have a superpower I am sure you would think I am mental or even looked at me like some freak, and yes unlike Edward I can read your mind but I didn't after doing it once."

Bella resigned"Point taken but you do know I would not have looked at you like that and why did you read my mind ."

I nodded my head and hugged her said: "I know sis and I read it to find what you thought about me and dad after I stopped doing it and I only will do it if the situation is serious."

Bella nodded at that "Atleast you stopped doing it that's good and doing it when situation is serious is no problem."

I decided to give her a touchscreen phone with a basic AI it can do basic stuff Thank god she did not ask me I did get the money to build these things I went Ultron style to get the money I transferred money from all from corrupt what taking money from nice didn't feel right I made sure to leave a false trail but I stopped doing it. Then I invested the money I had in the stock market by manipulating it to get more.

[Authors note: I got the idea of manipulating the stock market from one of the readers I had just decided to make it simple and made it so he hacked and transfer money from corrupt there accounts without alerting then leaving a false trail]

I told her looking serious "I know you are starting to have feelings for Edward don't deny it I know but I do believe you should go on dates get to know each other find each other hobbies how his life was you know more about him before jumping into a relationship got it."

She nodded at me and said, "Yes I will do that."I mentally sighed that's good at least they don't jump into a relationship just like that.

Basically for the next couple of days, Bella went on dates with Edward which did make Bella a hot topic for gossip as well as made her the center of attention the same as me when people heard I was dating Rosalie.

Rosalie who took me shopping to get better dresses since I only had black or blue v neck shirts same with jeans. I also made sure she can buy whatever she wanted since I am loaded.

Rosalie when coming home told me "My parents want to meet you and I am sure Edward is going to invite your sister. "

Yes, Edward and I started to talk we have become friends in a sense I guess but this doesn't mean I will not keep my mouth shut while he does something stupid. But I am sure he will mature more in the future.

Rosalie parked her car next to my house "I will come to pick you up tomorrow since this is your first time coming after that you can come visit me whenever you like."

"Okay" I nodded my head and replied while she went I stood there thinking if I changed all of the Cullens to be able to eat food won't that cause Jasper to control his thirst I checked my visions to see if I changed the event from happening it seems it didn't.

I sighed it will make Bella go into depression and suicidal but it's important that happens because it causes Edward to realize he can't live without Bella its sounds stupid I know I thought about it too but it's just how the bond in this world works and also the pressure from the Volturi causes Edward to change her.

I went to the house as I saw Bella coming out I asked her "What happened".She shook her head and replied, "Just wanted to see the truck there is a dent in it."

I asked Bella how things were going with her and Edward everything was fine it seems as she was looking at the dent in the truck I saw Edward come by jumping on the truck and greet her I heard Bella tell Edward can he act human since they have a neighbor I shook my head that was not a good idea if the neighbors saw him.

Edward greeted Bella talked about he was going to take her to see his parents and meet all of the family. Edward have me nod both of them started talking

I saw billy coming and Edward stopping his talk Bella and told Bella he will come and pick her up tomorrow as he going home.

I saw billy coming I also knew he was glaring at Edward as he was passing by Jacob parked the car and helped billy out. I asked billy "So I guess you guys are here for the baseball game the first Mariners game of the season right."

Billy nodded while saying "Yes and Jacob is bugging about seeing Bella again."

And dad came with beers in his hand and I heard billy talk about the Waylon case and dad was telling about he didn't think it was an animal I tuned out the conversation since I knew about it.

But I did see billy giving Bella a look while saying "Don't want anyone getting hurt do we."I guess he didn't see with me with Rosalie.

As we were seeing the game with them I saw dad tell he had to go to the toilet and Jacob saying he was going to help Bella in the kitchen.

I asked without taking the eyes of the tv "So you know about what the Cullens are."

Billy replied while acting confused "What are talking about son."I turned to him and said, "You were dropping a lot of hints just now about knowing about vampires ."

Billy replied seriously this time "Yes I do so does the elders of the tribe." I asked him "You also know they are not the ones causing all the attacks."

Billy replied with anger "Buts it's there kind that did it."I shook my head when I heard that he and the elders are to set in their ways its impossible to change their way of thinking. But Sam is a clean slate I will be able to make him see Cullens are allies who can help with vampires like the nomads.

I thought while looking at the TV "Its true Cullen's can lose control of there thirst and kill someone but calling shapeshifters protectors for killing vampires is not right the Cullen's can do the same thing by killing human blood-drinking vampires who feed in their territory. Shapeshifter has huge anger problems especially if he is quick-tempered I know some can control it paul lost it when Bella slapped him. If one of them gets angered by a normal human there is a high probability that the human mauled to death. It's only because of Emily being Sam's imprint that saved her other's won't be so lucky and the suddenly getting buff added to that they are stronger than humans in their normal form will cause them to be seen as different and inhuman ."

I was thinking "I may have to tell Sam about the Volturi I am not sure about that.It will make him paranoid of the Cullens betraying the pack."

The rest of the baseball match I didn't talk to billy much the guy is right about there kind killing people but letting that hate blind their view of the Cullens is not good I like billy but his mind was already made up I can create false memories in all the tribe elders and Billy.

But it will cause problems with me and Carlisle doing it when the situation is serious is one thing but doing it now will only make him see me in a bad light especially when Edward has already read Billy's view of Cullens or vampires in general .

So a sudden change in behavior will be suspicious.

The next day I did tell Bella to not eat since Rosalie told me they are cooking for us. I had a call from Rosalie saying she is waiting outside and came to pick me up to meet her parents.

Rosalie greeted me with a kiss and asked me"Are you ready."

I replied with a smile, "I guess I am."

I entered her car as we were going I looked at the forest thinking "It must be peaceful and beautiful to have a house surrounded by the forest."

I heard Rosalie ask "So are you nervous about meeting them."I nodded my head and said, "I am a little nervous I guess."

We reached the famous Cullen's house it looked really beautiful I entered the house with Rosalie. I told her "The house is really beautiful who designed it."

Rosalie replied with a proud smile"Esme restored it from I remember It was hundred years old".I said to her while looking inside the house "I must say she did an outstanding job with restoring it."

Rosalie smiled at that.

We went upstairs to meet both Carlisle and Esme's we both entered the kitchen they were busy with cooking food.

Carlisle and Esme who saw me came forwards us. Rosalie introduced both of them "Matt this Carlisle and Esme Cullen my Mom and Dad".Carlisle greeted me with a polite smile, "Nice to meet you officially Matt we have heard a lot about you from Rosalie."

Esme came forward and gave me a hug saying "Its a pleasure to meet you."

I replied to Carlisle"Nice to meet both of you I also have heard a lot about both of you."

I mentally thought of Carlisle while talking to both of them "He was son pastor who led raids against vampires, witches, and werewolves. Carlisle took the raid while his father got old but he was against needless killing was not fond of taking life. But he found real coven but was bitten in the during the chaos during the raid he hid from his father because he knew his father would kill him. After turning into a vampire he was so horrified of what he had become that he even tried to take his life by drowning, jumping off cliffs.....Etc.But he tried animal blood by accident and found he can survive on them."

I waved at Emmet and Sarah who seems to be helping them with the cooking.

"Since it's my first time coming I thought I bring you gifts," I said while I gave everyone their touchscreen phone its more advanced than a normal I added a basic AI to it.

I gave Emmet a Nervegear while saying "Emmet I heard you liked games and you can play it with Jasper this is a Virtual Reality headset I added a couple of games to it you just have to wear it while laying down."I gave him a manual on how to use it.

Emmet looked as if Christmas had come early and replied "So cool I will definitely check this out later."

I was talking with Esme a perfect mother figure she knew Carlisle when she was a teenager both of them felt a mutual attraction to each other but Carlisle did not want Esme to turn in to a vampire and fled I really can respect that he felt she had her whole life ahead of her. But those who seem to reject the mates bond especially if the other is a human.

They both tend to have the worst future Carlisle was lonely life never finding some kind of companion in anyone and Esme was married due to the pressure of her parents and she became a victim of abuse. She lost a child as well because of the abuse and tried committing suicide which led to Carlisle turning her later marrying her same with Bella was in depression for months then started trying dangerous stunts that could kill her to just to see an illusion or vision of Edward.

It's like the Twilight world is cursing them or something for rejecting the bond sounds stupid but these are facts from I have read and seen.

Carlisle asked with curiosity, "I seen the technology you created are you planning to release it to the public."

I replied while thinking about it"Yes I want to sell the touchscreen phone but not the stark phone its too advanced and I want to create a company of my own ."

Carlisle nodded his head "I can help you with the paperwork for the company and stuff." we talked for a while.

Carlisle also said sorry for Edward entering Bella's without permission.

[Authors note: I have no idea how getting the company and stuff works so please do forgive my incompetence]

Carlisle asked Rosalie "Why don't you show Matt around while we finish our cooking."

We talked for a while Rosalie then started to show the house and room while walking upstairs I saw all the graduation caps I could only think "what a torture to go through high school again and again."

Rosalie showed me her room It had posters of different cars on the walls I replied while looking at them "You were not kidding when you said you liked cars and working on them."

Rosalie replied, "I kinda get immersed in it draw all these designs I also find working on cars fun."

I looked in the room to see a lot of drawings or photos of custom jobs for cars. I Turned to see Rosalie suddenly she grabbed me and pushed me into a couch while she sat on my lap and while make herself comfortable.

Rosalie was still on my lap she asked me "Did you like meeting my parents."I replied smiling"Yes they are really nice and welcoming."

She smiled and started to kiss me but I stopped her from getting too passionate I was coming to there house for the first time and I didn't want makeout with there daughter now of all time.

Rosalie nodded as if understood what I was thinking said, "When are you going to officially introduce me to your Dad ."

"How about tomorrow," I replied while I looked at her.

After our little moment, we were going down when going I saw Bella and Edward. Bella seems to be asking about the graduation caps while Edward explained it and its private joke in their family Edward nodded at me while Bella smiled at me. As both of us were going into the kitchen. I saw Jasper and Alice who greeted us I looked out the window I saw Edward climbing a tree with Bella on his back.

I was thinking " Come on think before you do shit like that if Bellas loses her hold she will be injured for sure. Edweird may save her but during the fall she can still get injured. That may look romantic in the movie climbing a very high tree with your vampire lover."

I just shook my head what is with these two

I had a defense probe next to her it will rescue her if she is in danger. I shook my head thinking about the two idiots.

The meeting with Cullens went without a hitch I changed all the Cullens to be able to walk in the sun and able to eat because of it. I also made sure to hide all memories related to my abilities except the shield one. Aro if reads any of there minds will only think I am the same as Bella.

Aro and Volturi will definitely see a different side of me when we meet.

We all enjoyed the lunch together I really forgot about warning them to drink blood once every 4 weeks.

Alice spoke with excitement "Guys there is a thunderstorm coming we can play baseball."Bella looked confused when she heard that. I knew about the baseball game I still acted confused.

Rosalie also was excited as the rest of the Cullens.

Edward looked at both of us said "You will see why when we start playing."

Emmet said with an excited smile "Oh this going to be good are we taking Matt and Bella with us."

Carlisle replied with a smile "Why not."

After the lunch, Emmet and Jasper were trying out the nerve gear while the girls were taking photos and selfies with the new phones. But Emmet did complain about not getting the stark phone while Sarah and Alice nodded there head.

I just replied with a smile "That's a special gift for Rosalie."

Carlisle seems to talk to Bella while Esme was cleaning the dishes I went to help her with it.

Esme who saw me taking the dishes to help her said: "Its no problem dear I can manage it myself."

I replied while looking at her, "No I just wanted to help."Esme looked thankful and asked, "How are you and Rosalie doing."

I said while having a smile on my face "It's like I can't be away from or live without her anymore I can't describe it."

Esme nodded with an understanding smile. The day went by with Emmet and Jasper telling me the games were lifelike and really cool and the girls liked my gift very much. I was happy they liked it.

I was with Rosalie as she was sending me home I asked her "So are you ready to meet my dad tomorrow."

Rosalie while slightly tightening her grip on the steering wheel and replied "Would he approve of our relationship."I looked at her and smiled "I don't think you would have any problem but Edward is a whole another story I am sure dad will go into a protective mode for Bella."

After all, most dads tend to be slightly more protective or act disapproving when they find out their daughter is bringing her boyfriend. Some Dads are okay with it since they know that their daughter is growing up.

Rosalie smiled when she heard that we reached my home I gave her a goodbye kiss as she went back to her home I saw Edwards car coming to drop Bella home. I decided to go to bed since I did know she has reached home safely.

The next day Rosalie was in front of my house ready to meet my dad. Rosalie was nervous as hell for meeting my Dad she asking me while checking herself "Do I look okay? do I need to get him anything? .... Etc."

I looked at her and replied, "Rose you look great don't be so nervous he would love you."

Rosalie nodded her head still looked unsure I opened the door to see dad was watching TV. Dad saw me bring Rosalie in he seems to have figured out what was going.

dad asked me "I had no idea you bringing someone home today."

I introduced Dad to Rosalie "Dad meet Rosalie she is my girlfriend."I mentally was like I don't how to introduce her to a socially awkward father.

I continued and introduced Rosalie to my father "Rosalie meet my father Charlie Swan."

Dad was awkward and greeted Rosalie "So your my son's girlfriend nice to meet you and you are daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cullen right."

Well after some minutes of awkward conversation I know dad felt happy for me.

As Rosalie and I went outside I looked at her said "That went well."

Rosalie replied, "Your dad is not much of a talker is he."I looked at with a smile"What gave it away the awkward silence or dad was not talking much."

Rosalie gave me a mock glare but smiled after that and told me she was happy that he approved of her. I mostly spent my day trying to build a laser dagger I really wanted to build a lightsaber but the chances of me cutting myself were really high so I went with the laser dagger from the crossfire game.

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