6 Chapter 6

Matt's POV

I did go to school and dates with Rosalie but I didn't waste my time. I started my projects the day he disappeared, I had to upgrade my technopathy for my projects to become reality.

Let's say after the upgrade it seems I could make anything as long as I know the basic design which I can get by reading a mobile,laptop.....etc and I can hack anything phones, laptops to satellite anything related to technology can create fake footages.

The applications seemed limitless Artificial Intelligence Creation, Cyberlingualism, Data Manipulation, Efficacy Manipulation Boost a machine's capacity or speed,.Electricity Generation/Electricity Manipulation, Electromagnetic Pulse Emission, GPS Manipulation, Mechanical Constructs, Mechanical Intuition, Mechanical Morphing, Physical Restoration, Programming, Scanning, Techno-Empathy ... etc.

I first tried creating a touchscreen phone with the electronic components. I wanted to give it Rosalie and all the Cullens when they invite us to there house it's polite to give them a gift when I show up. I had to bypass and rewrite everything to make it perfect and I increased its efficiency, I added front and back cameras added a video call feature to it can only call people who had a similar phone. I made all of the Cullens one each. I created a basic AI to make it cool but making it was tricky. I didn't want Bella and dad stumbling on me while I was doing these projects.

So I asked dad if I can use the basement for my personal use he saw no problem with it. But I had to remove the junk in there it was big, I was content with it. I started with security for the basement I made it so the door had a fingerprint scanner and I placed the small camera on the top of the door to scan my face and eye. Call me paranoid I have seen Edweird come and go through the window like the wind also in the future Riley Biers just walks in the house like it is his he comes close to killing dad.

opening it by normal means you still will be able to go inside but all the tech I created will be hidden behind the shutter which has normal band posters throwing darts pretty much normal stuff on it.

only by going through the fingerprint, face, and retina scanner will the shutters open up to reveal all the tech I built.

Most of the stuff I created was only possible through mechanical construct creation, mechanical morphing, and technological construct creation, technology up-gradation these were the main thing that helped me make all these techs. I was even thinking of creating nanotech but that's a project for another time I thought.

It took a lot of sneaking stuff in when Bella and dad were not here or when they sleeping.

I even had cameras set up on the compound t which is not visible to anyone if Edweird really focused he may be able to find it but he will never expect such a thing in a normal house these cameras are the really small only the size of ping pong ball and there are no wires involved.

I really want to catch him in action

I really liked the stark phone in Iron man and Avengers movie so I decided to create it man it took some tries to make it perfect it had the same features as the original I saw in the movie I know everyone will probably think why I didn't give Rosalie and the Cullens this it's too to eye-catching or flashy.

My thoughts tony stark creating stark phone was "The man is genius I had to use abilities to make it ".

[Authors note: All these ideas about the above tech belong marvel or Tony Stark]

It's only 2005 now so a stark phone will cause huge attention during this time flip phones and Nokia phones are well known.

But apple originally introduced in 2007, the iPhone was one of the first smartphones to make use of a multi-touch interface. After its release, the iPhone set the standard for future smartphone design and usability.

I even created the holodeck from Iron man I took time to make it look like a table with glass on the top and bottom fully covered.

After that, a full AI like Jarvis was hard I had to use artificial intelligence creation one of the skills I learned from when I upgraded my Technopathy I created and named him Arthur I had to program his personality to be thoughtful give suggestions I made sure he is totally loyal to me and my family ones I introduce them that is.

He can hack and find people through facial recognition and stuff. I added some laws he should not break the same I also made sure he didn't evolve beyond a certain point. I really didn't want a sky net I made sure to have a kill switch.

But the AI is just for fun it's like a helper in as sense AI hacking is no were close to the hacking I can do with my advanced technopathy.

I didn't want to create the AI like tony stark did which is like a child first and learns more and becomes more human-like because that takes a lot of time.

I want to give a stark phone to Rosalie as a gift.

I wanted to give Jasper and Emmet VR game. I made sure it's similar to nerve gear from sword art online with games like Spiderman from ps4 but the movements all yours you will feel the spider-sense, God of war series, predator series, etc.. I had Arthur had designed the games I just gave him the mental designs and stuff I made sure to make it very real like.

[Authors note: I am no a huge tech person so this is all the stuff I could come up with I took some from anime since I found it cool and vampires don't sleep it will be boring for them to wait around or just play games all the time from sorry if I disappointed you]

I knew tomorrow is very important, I just couldn't sleep much. I went downstairs quietly so that I don't wake Bella or dad up. I went to the basement at the door I looked back to see if anyone was there and looked at the basement door it may look simple I placed my thumb on the doorknob it scans my fingerprint while a small camera acts a face and retina recognition.

I entered the basement to see all the shutters open up with some models of the stuff I created I told Arthur my new AI to hack the Volturi base they only had cameras on the streets nothing showing the inside.

My only thought was "Smart they didn't want the video of them feasting on humans to get in hands of humans" but I noticed many people I knew from the movies Jane, Alec, Demitri, Felix, and Heidi with of my advanced technopathy I can mentally tell Arthur to catch each of their pictures.

I saw pictures of all these people in the hologram I told Arthur to save it I mentally gave the description of each of them and their powers and told Arthur "Store all their profile in a specific folder."

I quickly spoke giving him a mental description and abilities Aro, Marcus, Caius, and Chelsea, and Corin "Search for these people if you find them through the cameras if you see them capture an image and create a profile for each of them".

The problem you cannot destroy the Volturi they are keeping the vampires in check even if Aro is power-hungry, he has a deep interest in Edward and Alice if I remove them from play many vampires will hunt without any care in the world.

I can only think "What a headache I can't remove them but also they pose the most danger to our family."

I knew today was important I knew from multiple routes(Futures) I have seen is to let the accident happen with Bella I don't have to worry since Edweird protects her and I will still be close to pulling her away from it just to be safe this incident is which causes Bella question what Edward and the Cullens are thereby causing Edward to interact more with Bella and him to start accepting the bond not fully at least.

The problem with saving Bella by taking her elsewhere will not cause Edweird to show his strength or speed Bella will not have any suspicions about Edweird or the Cullens, she will not ask about Quileute legends from Jacob since basically Bella never invites Edweird to la push so the topic never comes up and Edweird will ignore her whole time not accepting she his mate the idiot really has his issues.

I already know he stalks Bella, but entering my house staring at my sister when she is sleeping. like really Dude come on she doesn't even know you much barely had many conversations with each other.

I went to do my daily morning routine, I greeted Bella "Good morning."

She broke out of her thoughts when she heard me she nodded and greeted me back "Good morning Matt".I went and took a shower the wore a blue round neck shirt with black jeans I came down to see my sister still in her thoughts.

I can tell she probably thinking about if Edward is coming or not. My sister's first crush had to be weirdo can't she be normal and have a crush an actor don't tell me Robert Pattinson is an actor this is not him this is Edweird Cullen here.

I went to eat breakfast I see her playing with her food thinking about that weirdo at least the guy did mature though the movie right I think. I saw dad in his uniform he is getting ready early we finished everything was going to school.

I caught Bella while she was about to slip on the ice and fall I told her " watch where you are going Bella are you all right" she regained her balance I replied"Yeah I am ok ice doesn't really help the uncoordinated, "I can see dad looking at Bella with worry Bella looked at him and said, "I am okay dad Matt caught before I could fall."

Dad spoke up " that's why I had got your truck fitted with new tires old ones would have been getting bald" dad turned to go but told us both "I will probably be late for dinner I have to head to mason county a security guard got killed by some kind of animal."

Bella spoke in shock "An animal" dad who went his cruiser open the door while look at both of us"You are not in Pheonix any more Bella, figured I would lend a hand".My only thought was so the nomads have arrived.

Bella was the first one to speak "Please be a careful dad."

I told to dad with a serious look "The animal should be pretty big to kill a full-grown man please take care of your self".

So the nomads are slowly getting closer James and Victoria are the dangerous ones.

Dad smiled and said, "Always am."

I decided to take a ride in Bella's truck since it seems to rain I did have a car in Arizona totally got it by luck 67 chevy impala I wanted to get it to send here but they said it would take the time I have a friend who will bring it later he is out the country now he will bring at the end of the year at best now so I bought Sam's bike.

We reached school I told Bella to go I will follow her I looked for Cullens it seems they arrived early I went to find Bella I hear Eric's voice "Prom committee is a chick thing.But, I got to cover it for the paper anyway, I need a guy to choose music so I need your playlist hey listen did you have a date to"but it got interrupted by mike who was flicking his wet cap over Bella's head and said, "What's up to Arizona how are you liking the rain girl."

I can tell she didn't like it so I interrupted them"She doesn't like it and please stop pestering her".

Eric and Mike who saw quickly nodded and made their to class quickly.

I decided to go to my class since I know what will happen I sat next to Alice who was happy as ever as told me"I heard that Rosalie and you became a couple yesterday".

I looked at her with a smile said "True but it is she who took the initiative or action here but I am not complaining."

I asked Alice "Is your brother a no show to its been 14 days since I last saw him" Alice laughed and said, "No he is here today I know what you call him Edweird right."

I gave her a look and said "Can you blame me"Alice laughed and shook her head she was thinking even in their family Emmet and Jasper calls him that. The classes were boring, as usual, I studied all these in my previous life as class finished I was going toward the canteen I saw both Edward and Bella having a conversation.

Either, I have no presence like kuroko from anime kuroko no basketball or Edweird is too focused on Bella to notice me.

I was not far from them I can hear him questioning her on why she is calling her mother Renee and why she and I didn't move with Renee and Phil. Bella seemed to avoid the first question, I can understand that she started telling about Phil being a minor league baseballer and that he travels a lot.

She continued on how Renee stayed at home with her and she felt it made Renee unhappy and figured that both of them stayed with dad.

Edweird asked " Now you are unhappy " Bella replied quickly "No, maybe at the start but now I am happy" Edweird stared at her like she was some kind of puzzle and said, "I am just trying to figure you out."

Bella asked him if he was wearing contacts and his color changed from back to golden brown the idiot replied "Its the fluorescence." I looked at him like really that's the best you can come up with at least make something more believable.

He then left for the Cullens table while I came to Bella told her "Go find your friends Bella we will think about him after school."

She looked at me and blushed and replied in low voice "I am not thinking about him."

I gave her a deadpan look that said could have fooled me. she quickly walked to find her friend while I entered the canteen.

I saw Rosalie come up to me, so I smiled at her but I did not expect what she did next she grabbed my head and give me a full-blown kiss. I was lost in it. I could hear catcalls in the background. I rest my head against her even if her skin is cold I didn't find any discomfort.

I asked Rosalie "What did I do to get this" Rosalie looked at me smiled slightly looked at Bella's table I can see she was glaring at Jessica and said, "Just wanted to make sure everyone knew you are mine".

I did hear Jessica's thoughts once she was projecting it like crazy she was pinning for me since Edweird rejected her now after this she will go after Mike.

I looked at her with a smile and said"I am all your princess and I am not going to let you go."

I heard Rosalie whispered while her eyes closed snuggling into my chest "I know neither will I."

We enjoyed each other comfort, but decided to go the Cullens table while walking toward them.

I told Rosalie"You know I find your, brother weird."

We both stopped as Rosalie laughed and asked me what did he do now, I can feel someone glaring at me. I am sure it's Edweird can't this guy do anything other than stare and glare. I am finding the Honest trailer of Twilight more believable now.

I was blunt and asked Rosalie"Is your brother gay".I know this is not true but I love messing with Edweird it's my favorite pass time I missed it when he was not here.

Rosalie was trying hard to control her laughter I heard the same from Cullens table. I also can feel eyes boring into me that's Edweird for sure.

"Why do you think that, "She asked me controlling herself.

I told her " I just heard a conversation, he had with my sister the feeling. I got from it was he never was interested in the opposite sex and he has been glaring at me or my sister since the moment we met him. I am sure he is glaring at me now just tell him, I am not interested in guys and I already have a girlfriend tell him if he is interested in men. I am sure he will meet the right one. I am sure they're someone who is into weirdos." I whispered the last part but I am sure every one of the Cullens heard it I looked to see if he is going to vomit.

while Rosalie was laughing hard she tried to control it and failed the same with the Cullens emmet fell on the floor laughing, Jasper laughed hard while covering his mouth Alice and Sarah were laughing at Edweird.

Rosalie was giggling as she dragged me to the Cullens table I sat next to Rosalie I smiled a nodded at everyone but I can see all of them holding in there laughter I saw Edweird giving me a death glare. I patted his back and told him "Sorry, Edward I am not into guys and I already have a girlfriend. I sure if you are interested in the same sex there is nothing wrong with it I am sure you find the right person".That was it the Cullens burst out laughing Edweird looked sick he didn't even look at me after that.

But I am sure the idiot will start glaring at me again soon.

[Author note: I have nothing against people interested in same-sex this is a joke so don't bash me for it.]

After lunch, we went to our last class it went smoothly I was thinking about the accident only thing I could think was "I hope everything goes smoothly as it did in the vision."

After school, I saw Bella stand going near I walked next to her I can see her peaking at Edweird I saw the Cullens wave at me and Rosalie was giving me a flying kiss. I waved at the other Cullen while embarrassingly looking around gave her one.

I had an arm around Bellas's arm ready for it then I saw it happening Tyler's skid and started to come towards us I pulled Bella to a distance where the injury would be small.

The next thing I knew was Rosalie grabbing me and dragging to the side while Edward had his arms around Bella while stopping the car with his hand. I saw him jump up to our truck and walk off while Rosalie looked at me and whispered "I will tell you everything when the time comes I gave her a nodn"

Bella and I was taken to the hospital I saw dad coming running in while asking both of are we okay and was really giving Tyler a glare and telling him Tyler can say goodbye to his license both Bella and I spoke at the same time "Dad we are okay."

Dad worriedly replied both of us "Both of you could have been killed."

Bella looked down and spoke in a hushed tone "We are sorry to worry you dad."

Dad spoke up at that "Its a parent's duty to worry Bella it's not both of your faults". Bella whispered at that "Renee never did".

I replied back "True to true" dad seemed to have heard that and gave both of us a look that said we are going to talk about that. Tyler was speaking to Bella how he tried to control his car and all dad just glared at him and pulled the curtain to put a cover between them.

I saw Carlisle Cullen come and look at our medical reports while saying "Isabella and Matthew"

Both of us replied at the same time then looked at each other and smiled " Its Bella and Matt"

He looked at both of us and smiled "Its quite a close call wasn't it". He gave both of us a medical check-up and told us we will be just fine. I smiled at him.

Bella told it would have been a whole lot worse if Edward was not there and that he knocked her out of the way and that he was very fast since he was no were near them I guess she only saw Edweird, not Rosalie.

Dad who was probably thinking about what to do with Tyler poor guy but he heard what Bella said about being saved by Edweird and asked doctor Cullen "Edward your boy". Carlisle told her she was very lucky with a smile and went outside.

We both came outside the room while dad us to call Renee Bella and I spoke up together at that "You told Renee".

"I noticed both of you seemed to be very cold and distant towards your mom, "Dad asked us seriously. Bella turned to me, I nodded and told dad, "We will tell about this when we reach home deal" who heard that went to fill some paperwork and I turned to Bella as said "You deal with Renee she never calls me or asks my wellbeing."

Bella looked angry that she had to deal with Renee but she told me "That's true, she only called once since we came here, she never asked anything health the conversation is about school and gossip in a sense basically about you Matt why is that I thought she called you on your phone."

I looked at her and huffed in anger "It's because I used to rebel against what she wanted while she guilt-tripped you to do stuff it just didn't work on me, I guess so she saw you as her favorite because she was able to make you do all her whims by guilt-tripping or by other means."

Bella looked angry and told "I will call her " she went to call Renee while I see stopping and looking across the hallway.

I went next to her to see Carlisle, Sarah, Rosalie, and Edward discussing. I can make out Sarah telling both Rosalie and Edward "That was really risky both of you could have exposed us".

Rosalie replied angrily "What am I supposed to he is my mate for god sake I just got and I won't let him die".

When I heard that I felt my heart beat faster at that I turned from there to go get some water because that's all I need to know.

When I came back I saw Edward and Bella talking with I can slightly make out what they were saying talking Bella was asking Edward "How did you get to me so fast" Edward looked at Bella with a smile and replied, "I was standing next to you".

I could only shake my head at that he was digging his grave even further, Bella is very observant and she rarely forgets what she has seen and Carlisle his own father just said she didn't have any head trauma.

I walked passed them while shaking my head I could see both Bella and Edward look at I gave Bella a nod at her I can tell she is questioning Edward more, I could see Rosalie was in the hallway. I went next to her leaned next to the wall.

She looked at me while asking "What you are not going to question me like your sister is questioning Edward" I shook my head at her at said, "You will tell me when you think I am ready or when you think you are ready tell me about it". I really wanted to hear everything from her not because I already know it.

"I will tell you everything soon," she said looking at me I nodded at her I told while looking in Bella and Edwards direction "You do know that Bella will not stop until Edward tells her how he came so fast she will slowly figure it out".

Rosalie looked at me with a smile "He will be having a huge headache from this if I guess right"

I can only give a blunt reply "Yes".

We went back home and ate dinner as dad was telling us to stay safe and after that, we all were going to bed I went to sleep.

In the middle of the night, I heard Arthur mentally alerting me that someone entered Bellas's room.

I knew its that stalker Edweird I was like really you are staring at a girl who barely knows you have barely much conversation I mentally asked Arthur if the cameras caught Edweird entering her room.

Arthur mentally replied " yes sir" while showing a hologram video that is in slow motion so I can catch his fast movements of him entering Bellas's room through my stark phone.

I looked like Christmas arrived early my only thoughts "ooh, I am going to show this during my meeting with the Cullens I am sure it embarrasses him to no end".I am sure they know Bella is Edweird's mate but watching Bella sleep at night when she barely knows him is creepy.

I activated my telepathy I focused on Bella's room to hear what he was thinking that was my biggest mistake "Why can't I read your mind why are you special ....blah....blah..... you look so pure untainted by this world I wish I can look at you like this for eternity... blah blah.. your beauty knows know bound I want to be just by your side but I won't turn you into this... I am a soulless monster I want to ... "I was mentally yelling for my telepathy to stop I heard enough.

I was groaning and thinking "What is with his monologue of love and did he conveniently forget he cannot read my mind too".

I went to play around with him a little to forget that monologue of love about my sister.

I walked next Bella's like would normally I activated my telepathy to see what he was thinking "why is he coming here of all the time I was having a beautiful time here even if I can't be with her at least let me just watch her like this " I was like yeah yeah right staring at my sister while sleeping is a beautiful time and you're going watch her going to sleep for the rest of your life even when she has a husband sure thing that's not creepy at all.

I opened the door of Bella's room to see he already escaped I saw Bella waking up to see me she rubbed her eyes while asking "What happened Matt why are you in my room" I just replied"Just wanted to see if your okay you know with what happened today and all" That's a bald-faced lie

I knew she was fine from the looks of it she did feel Edweird staring at her because she looking at the window as if she is waiting for him to appear.

My only thoughts were"Oh god why did I have to have a weird sister who likes weirdos".

I could see him mentally through one of the cameras which has night vision. I placed he is on a tree branch it seems it is dark outside for me to see anything through the window.

I still focused my telepathy on Edweird let's just say he is a certified weirdo "Oh her voice is so melodious I just like to hear her voice for eternity but I will not turn her...." Hearing his monologue of love I could only groan.

"I could just stare at her from a distance like this..... "hearing what he was thinking my only thoughts were "staring is the only thing that you seem to be good at weirdo and what distance it's not even that far from the window".

"I should come here every night to see her " When I heard that I was like I am bolting that window tomorrow for sure or I have been preparing certain traps for people like Riley let Edweird here be my test subject.

He keeps telling he wants to hear, see or stare at her for eternity.But he will not turn her hearing such a contradicting monologue of love. I wanted to go home to rest my poor brain who had to process what the weirdo said.

I can see Edweird seems to have gone home after his great monologue of love about Bella. It seems Edweird really wants to get to know my sister but his issues are what makes want to keep a distance from her but he will unconsciously get drawn towards her".

I told Bella "Good night and please don't think about Edweird now please".

She a blush "How did you know I was thinking of him". I was like you are not even trying to deny it and duh I saw the movie but I still replied: "With what happened today I was sure you would be thinking about him".

No that's a lie its because my sister is into weirdos.

I said my part and went to bed.

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