50 Chapter 47

Everyone was rejoicing at the victory over Voulturi.Alec,Jane and Demetri gave Matt a nod after Marcus told them how it was Matt who freed them Aro's forced loyalty bond.Matt was now interested how the Voulturi will proceed with their future it was interesting to see.

The Cullens and their witnesses watched as Vladimir and Stefan leave with the Voulturi.Everyone else rejoices in the fact that they did not have to fight the Volturi.They actually won and by the looks of it the Voulturi under Marcus was going to be different.

Back at the Cullens house, the witnesses are saying goodbye and leaving,Matt standing behind Rosalie as he presses his torso up against the back of Rosalie and wrap your arms around her.Rosalie leans back enjoying the warm comfort of the hug watching while watching Elijah and Gabriella was playing with Kate and Irina.

While Charlotte was she speaks to Zafrina and Serena.Edward who walked next to Matt spoke up" You know without you,I doubt we would ever such have a beautiful family."

Matt smiled and replied"You guys would still be happy."

Edward rolled his eyes and said"Just take the compliment already."

Matt shrugs and replied"Okay,whatever you say."

Bella who now next to Edward as he Put your arm around her shoulder holding your girlfriend against you and as Bella rest her head on your shoulder while muttering"They are gonna be around for a long time."

For Bella everything was perfect,she had everything in her life she could dream for and her brother was actually finding a way to make her father and Sue immortal without turning them into a cold one.If that becomes a success then he didn't have to see her father die of of age too.

Matt would create the Med-Bay which you simply has to lie down on it, and then the Med-Bay will automatically scan for any diseases, aliments, or conditions, and automatically rebuild the body to remove the problem. The Med-Bays are seen to be able to rebuild broken bones, aging hair or facial wrinkles, even cancer and rebuilding a normally fatal injury as long as the brain remains intact. It is even said to be able to reverse the aging process, making the people with access to a Med-Bay effectively immortal. However, if the brain and central nervous system are damaged, the victim is beyond the capacity of the Med-Bay to heal.So Matt would remove th age altering feature and introduse it too the public. 

Edward smiled and replied"A very long time. I'm glad we have each other."Bella hearing this smiled and gave Edward a kiss on the lip.

Then Gabriella runs into Matt's arms yelling"Daddy."While Elijah went and hugged Rosalie.

Charlotte joins them,Bella takes Charlotte's hand and puts it on her cheek to listen to Charlotte's thoughts while saying"Yeah. We're all gonna be together now."

As Charlotte hugs Bella,Alice watches them in the distance, she has a vision of Gabriella,Elijah and Charlotte all grown up,all of them where with their respective mates and they are happy together.It was every happy future it was similar vision she had of Bella and Matt.

Alice saw how Edward,Bella,Matt and Rosalie in the vision as they joined their children, then Alice looks at Edward and Alex.Both of them saw the memory,they smiled at her as he reads her thoughts seeing her vision of children all grown up and happy.The future was great Matt also viewed the future of Jacob and Voulturi,everything was okay Jacob after finding his imprint actually moved on from Bella and actually went on to be a Mechanic,Voulturi actually with help from Matt was able to hide the supernatural world without to many incidents.Also under Marcus Voulturi was actually more respected by the covens as their was no raids for gifted vampires from time to time.

Marcus wanted Matt as an advisor to the Volturi and he also wanted to invest in Matt's ventures.Matt was okay with it,as he wasn't going to say no as Voulturi had a lot of money and influence.This would lead to humans getting a subtle push towards intergalactic travel.Thus leaving many cold ones to having earth to themselves.This was just one of the options as they also was able to travel to another planets with fascinating alien species one of the planet was called Pandora with giant blue monkey like being.

The End Or Is it ?

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