48 Chapter 45

Matt watched his son and daughter sleep next to Rosalie as he thought about how wonderful his life was now.But soon the last of the Romanian Coven arrived Vladimir And Stefan.Both had easily used the trees to escape the wolfs,which showed they strength was beyond normal vampires,Matt remembered these two were more than 2000 years old.

The Romanian coven is one of the oldest vampire covens in existence. This coven is located somewhere in Romania, known as Dacia at the time of its founding. It was the original ruling coven before the Volturi overthrew them with their supernaturally talented guards, in a war between 400 and 500 AD. After their loss of the power, the coven now consists only of Vladimir and Stefan.

The Romanian coven was located in Romania.In ancient times, a group of ambitious vampires called a truce to the usual squabbling between small covens and joined forces for the purpose of gaining power. Their ambition allowed them to overcome their competitive drive and cooperate. Eventually, the Romanian coven became the largest and the ruling coven of the vampire world. The coven consisted of a guard and subordinates; the majority of the coven though concentrated on physical strength with most of its members being physically imposing vampires.

During their rule the coven, as with most vampires at the time, did not bother keeping their existence a secret. They willingly let the people of Romania know they were vampires, on par with the Egyptian coven.The humans were delivered to them, and if they were pleased enough, the Romanians would choose to change them. But when the Volturi came to power, the Romanians were usurped after almost a century of warring against each other.

Their downfall originated from their underestimating the advantage of supernatural abilities that existed in some vampires, which the Volturi had collected. Three members, Stefan, Vladimir, and Vladimir's mate, escaped execution when their castle was destroyed.

While both sat on top of rock and without any fear mocking the wolves when Carlisle and the other vampire find them,as Carlisle questioned" Vladimir, Stefan, you're a long way from home."

Kate asked"What are they doing here?"Vladimir smile and answered" We heard the Volturi were moving against you. But that you would not stand alone."

Carlisle spoke up"We didn't do what we were accused of."

Vladimir was not intrested,just replied"We do not care what you did, Carlisle."

Stefan: We have been waiting a millennium for the ltalian scum to be challenged.

Carlisle: It's not our plan to fight the Volturi.

Vladimir with mocking tone said"Shame. Aro's witnesses will be so disappointed."

Stefan nodded and replied"They enjoy a good fight."

Eleazar was confused and questioned" Aro's witnesses?"

Matt sighed and said"I was going to tell you this,I had gotten info.about.Volturi recruiting witnesses.But all of them are joining them outnof pure fear or at a chance to join them."

Matt knew for a fact,Marcus and his group stayed out of this.But Jane and Alec had to act as they are still under Aro's thumb,after all both were really angry hear

Vladimir was slightly surprised hearing this boy heard about this.

Eleazar was worried and said"When Aro wants someone from a coven it's never long before evidence turns up proving that coven committed some cr!me."

Bella questioned"So he's done this before?"

Matt spoke up"Multiple times hides it behind the facade of doing justice,I read his mind when I was at the Volturi.The bastard will go the extreme just yo keep his power,after all he even tried to kill his own sister."

Eleazar muttered"I never realized it was a pattern."

Carlisle with frown said"Yes, he always pardons one person whose thoughts he claims are repentant."

Eleazar added "This person always has an ability. And they're always given a place with the Guard."

Edward with a frown said"This is all about Alice. He has no one like her.Also he now eyes on Matt too whose ability makes him the most wanted."

Matt sighed and said"Which is why he bringing issue infront of all the supernatural world."

Emmett with confusion asked" I don't get it, Why does he need witnesses?"

Garrett answered"To spread the word that justice has been served. After he slaughters an entire coven."

Some of the vampires were actually scared and was about to leave,thats when Edward made super impressive speech,which was able to motivate some of them,So Matt decided motivate them a bit further"You guys should not have to fear a fight with Volturi,after all majority of them are not happy with Aro or Caius.Marcus is taking ober the Volturi,he won't do anything unless we broke the law."

There's a moment of silence as the vampires were shocked hearing the last part,as Maggie who is amember of the Irish coven with the gift of lie detection as he spoke up"He is not lying."

Maggie was firmly trusted by Liam and Siobhan for her talent.This caused Liam and Siobhan to look at each,as Siobhan said"Then we have no issues,we will join you,even if there is a fight."

Then Sam stood up with his pack behind him saying"The packs will fight. We've never been afraid of vampires."

The Denali's all stand up,as their leader Tanya spoke up"We will fight.The Volturi can't just force us to do, what they want all the time."

Garrett with smile said" This won't be the first time I fought a king's rule."Benjamin added"I have debt to pay upu,so we'll join you."

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