45 Chapter 43

On his return he had already send a message to the witches coven about the end of vanir the first cold one.Matt was now focused on the incoming fight with the Voulturi who are pretty much divided now as Marcus is now really more active than before causing his influence to rise although because of his influence Caius and Aro had become paranoid and is now trying to pin any form of blame on the cullens.

Matt reached home to see Elijah,Gabriella and Charlotte happily playing with dad who one seeing me said"I still can't believe they are growing up so fast."

Matt sighed and replied"Yeah they are."Rosalie who came and leaned on my shoulder and whispered"They are growing too fast for my taste."

Jasper questioned"Do I heard you two found more hybrids?"

This got everyone's attention as Matt explained to them about Joham as he could all if them where disgusted hearing about him as Carlisle with a serious tone said"The fact the Voulturi didn't hear anything about this shows how secretive Joham was about his hybrids."

Everyone nodded as Matt said"Joham has 4 children Serena, Maysun, Nahuel, and Jennifer.Out of which we have Serena the oldest Daughter who is fanatically loyal to him, which means she will die before someone hurts her father,I don't think Nahuel will want to kill her blood-related sister after all."

Esme felt bad Nahuel who was in very hard situation as he can't go against his father without hurting his sisters as she said"Poor boy now has to choose."As Rosalie questioned"Didn't they offer to help us if the Voulturi ever came after us?"

Matt nodded and replied, "Yes,I am sure the Aro and Caius will make a move when the situation presents itself."

Rosalie had an idea what the situation was as she asked with a worried tone asked: "It's the existence of our children right."Matt sighed and answered, "Yes, the existence of children is really unique all Aro had to do is try to play them as they are immortal children."

Rosalie growled and said, "If they come for my children,I will tear them apart."Matt hugged Rosalie from behind which calmed her down as he said"Don't worry I won't let anyone hurt our children."

Matt agreed with her after all.anyone who tries.to harm his children will be burned alive.As everyone soon went back to their rooms thinking about everything Matt told them. Charlotte runs off to play as Gabriella and Elijah as Rosalie, Bella and Matt watchs over them Bella" Edward thinks that we'll need to move away from Forks for a while."

Matt shook his head and replied, "No, can't do that as that Voulturi already knows about our father, and by chance, we do move away, how long do you think it will work."

Bella watches Charlotte as she leaps into the air to catches a few snowflakes, suddenly they see a figure off in the distance watching them, Gabriella seeing this asked: "Who was that?"

Rosalie was able to identify the person as she said"I think that's Amun."Who was looking visibly upset at seeing Charlotte, Gabriella, and Elijah, as he runs off before Rosalie or Bella could get to him.Back at the house, Rosalie and Bella explained to everyone want happened everyone is gathered and listening to Rosalie and Bella, As Esme gestured Gabriella and Charlotte come to her as she hugged them.

Edward asked in a worried tone"What did Amun see in the woods?"Rosalie answered, "We were just walking and Charlotte was catching snowflakes."

Edward sighed and said"Of course. Amun thinks Charlotte, Gabriella, and Elijah are immortal Children."Bella was angry she didn't like the fact her children and niece were compared to them"Well, they nothing like those children. They were born, not bitten. They grow every single day."

Jackson was confused and questioned, "So can't you just explain that to the Volturi?"

Then Alice has a vision of the Volturi coming to Forks to kill them all and drops the glass of water she was drinking as Jasper sped next to her and with a worried tone asked" What is it, Alice?" Alice with slight fear replied" The Volturi. They're coming for us. Aro, Caius, Marcus, the Guards, and Amun."

Matt groaned and said, "Amun is getting revenge on me for taking Benjamin away from him, while Aro will use this to get either Edward or Alice into the Voulturi."

Jasper was thoughtful said"We can't fight them head on, as their offensive weapons are too powerful. No one can stand against Jane."Alice added her thought" Alec's even worse."

Matt smiled and said, "Actually if we are able to show them they are not immortal children both Jane and Alec won't do anything because they are not under Aro's control."

Everyone soon remembered the fact that Matt was able to break Aro's hold over them. Edward nodded agreeing with Matt on this as he said": Yes, Matt is right we can convince them. Carlisle, you have friends all around the world."Carlisle shook his head and said, "I won't ask them to fight."Matt knew the fight in inevitable, but this will give Marcus the chance to fully take control of Voulturi.

Edward said"Not fight. Witness. If enough people knew the truth, maybe we could convince the Volturi to listen."Esme turns to Carlisle and said" We can ask this of our friends."as Carlisle agreed,they all pack to go and gather as many vampires as they can.

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