44 Chapter 42

Both Nahuel and Huilen took us to were pure's dead body was buried.Matt was able to bring the body back pristine condition,then he changed it's biology into a cold one.The last thing he had to do was bring Pire's soul through a summoning and let it possess the body.

Nahuel and Huilen watched Pire wake up in shock and awe.They quickly ran and hugged her, both of them clung on to her so she doesn't disappear.They had to tell a confused Pire what was happening and about her son Nahuel.It took sometime for Pire to understand the situation,but after that in her own language she thanked Matt for bringing her back to life to meet her son.Also Nahuel and Huilen felt indebted towards Matt as they promised to fight for him against the Voulturi.Which was something both Rosalie and Matt appreciated as they would come to forks when their is an issue.

While going back home Matt decided to go to Transylvania and kill the first cold one.Since he wanted to keep his promise to the witches.Rosalie mock glared at Matt when he told her about going to get something done for the Witches.

Rosalie frowned and said"Okay,but be safe."Matt smiled and kissed as whispered"Always."

As Rosalie took a flight back to Forks,while Matt went to Transylvania where the first cold one was waiting for him.Matt had taken a few defense probes with him for safety,after all his abilities pretty much become useless on being close to him.Another thing that he was interested in was him ability to nullify abilities and freya said it had become strong enough to block their magical abilities to an extent.As they can't seem to use them when near him.But it seems the barrier was still effective which means if the witch or warlock was powerful enough theye could overcome the block.

Matt soon reached Transylvania from were he had to make his way to devil mountain which is where our first cold one is.It took while for Matt to get to the top of the moutain,but he found the fact none of his abilities were working except for his witch powers.

Matt soon walked into the cave as he saw the cold one in question come out of the shadows as he grinned and said"Ohhh they sent me another sacrifice,Vanir like this very much."

The cold one Vanir being locked away for so long had gone insane as sped towards Matt who quickly dodged the attack,he noticed Vanir was fighting like an animal as He was mercilessly threw a flurry of punches and kick ,which dodged knowing the first cold one has monsterous strength as he grabs and throws Matt into the mountain walls.

Matt quickly recovers from the throw as the Cold One lunges at Matt,who whirls around

and using the momentum throws him to the wall,

the open skylight.Vanir recovering from the thro bounds after him, ripping its way straight towards Matt as he leaps out and grabs the

him,causing both of them to crash down into the mountain wall.

Matt cautiously backs off as Vanir collects itself both suffered injuries as their skin is shown to have cracks,Matt suffered the most because his strength is not the same as Vanir.Matt moves towards him. For the first time in his long life Vanir actually looks nervous, he plays for time Vanir and says"You and I are part of the same grand game,My friend. But we need not find ourselves on opposite

sides of the board.The witches are using you my friend."

Once again both gets ready for a fight a Vanir lunges only to get blind-sided by a arcing kick

from Matt that causes vanir to stagger sideways.

Matt squares off against Vanir, who's eyes fill with rage as he charges Matt

and attacks him only for Matt to doge it and deliver a crushing kick to the knee and a kick straight to the eye with startling speed causing Vanir to startled.But recovering from the attack Vanir once again launches a flurry of punches only for Matt to parrie them and seize him by the throat, smashing him to the ground.Matt seeing the opening cuts his arms off with the plasma daggers.

Vanir kicks Matt away and backs away from Matt and howls in pain,as seeing he is going to die Vanir with slight wavering tone" Come on my friend we are from the same race and let us not fight each other."

Matt just stares at him seeing no other chance Vanir attacks him,but this time using the plasma sword Matt cuts Vanir's head off as he sighs "Well that was great work out."Matt lits Vanirs body on fire as he now had the Nullification ability which is OP as hell even without the upgrade.

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