3 Chapter 3

Notice from the author: I created a female oc as Emmet's mate Sarah Cullen and she looks like Gigi Hadid and I just going to give Alice a vision of both Bella and Matt with Edward and Rosalie because of Matts ability it will cause confusion for the Cullens and Edweird will still be a creepy emo and do the same thing he did in the movie.

Alice pov

We just came after hunting. I can see Edward was readying himself to play his piano, Emmet and Jasper were playing games, Esme was just reading a magazine on the couch and Rosalie and Sarah were telling each other about new fashion trends I was about to join them when I had a vision.

We were on a beach I saw a girl with Edward having a very pale complexion with long, curly wavy, dark brown hair, a widow's peak, unique chocolate brown eyes, and a heart-shaped face with a wide forehead. Her eyes are large and widely spaced. Her nose is thin and her cheekbones are prominent. Her lips are a bit too full for her slim jawline. Her eyebrows are darker than her hair and are straighter than they are arched. The only thing I can think of was "she was beautiful".

She was going toward a person I tried to see who he was, I saw Edward but he was out in the sun and he was not sparkling, his eyes were dark brown like normal humans and he looked slightly older at least 25 years by looks how is that possible. My thoughts were "This is Edwards mate"

I saw a person calling the girl I tried to see him he was a tall, handsome, well-built man with dark hair and red eyes not like the vampires like he was born with it. He is always clean-shaven. He has several tattoos's on his arms. He seems close with the girl then he turned his head gesturing someone to come fast to my surprise it was Rosalie both of them seemed really close I was thinking "So that's Rosalie's mate she was just like Edward she didn't have any qualities of that showed she was a vampire". The boy was telling something to all of them and Edward seemed to roll his eyes at him, while the girl and Rosalie seems to laugh at him.

I knew Edward and the girl was mates same with Rosalie and the boy the vision ended. But I was confused about how are Edward and Rosalie not exhibiting any kinda vampire qualities and both look older which should not be possible. I looked to see everyone staring at me with concern Edward seemed to be confused as I was about the vision.

I had this feeling that the life of my whole coven was going to change. I was thinking about the vision while looking at the scenery outside we all were waiting for Carlisle he was the coven head. I could see Jasper trying to calm me down with his gift. We both went to the family meeting room when I saw Carlisle's car park in front of the house.

The family meeting started after Carlisle entered the room he told me to explain the vision. I explained the vision to everyone in the coven was confused about how they looked human Jasper asked Carlisle if it even possible to turn and vampire back to a human for which Carlisle said it was not.

I was surprised when heard Carlisle say "I have the feeling that Edwards or Rosalie's mate is responsible for their change I am not sure I never have come upon any similar type of vampire ability chances are very low we will just have to see when we meet them"

I know Carlisle is happy our family is not in danger.While Rosalie and Edward will be thinking about their mates as well as what the vision means others will be thinking about how such a thing is even possible.

Carlisle finished the meeting everyone went there room. I was sitting in my bedroom thinking about what the vision meant, I understood Edward and Rosalie's mate's part but the other one confused and frustrated me. I suddenly found a hand on my shoulder and jasper telling me to we will think about it when the time comes.

I decided to follow his advice and not think about it for now.

Carlisle pov

I told the hospital that I was having a family emergency and there were not many patients at that time. So I ran got into my car sped through the road since our house was in the middle of the forest I came fast as I could when I had a call from Esme telling Alice had a vision my thoughts were "Alice's visions tend to be either very good or very bad".

I didn't want to risk anything when I reached everyone was in the family meeting room. I nodded towards everyone and told Alice to tell everyone about her vision. I didn't know what to make out when I heard of it. Since both Edward and Rosalie by Alice was telling did not show vampire traits and both of them were slightly older which did not make sense but still sighed in relief "Good thing is there is no danger to my family" and we have a mental image of both Rosalie and Edward's mates even though we don't know where both of them are we can only wait and see.

I could only sigh " I don't think it's anything dangerous so we just have to wait and see"

I told everyone "I have the feeling that Edwards or Rosalie's mate is responsible for their change. I am not sure, I never have come upon any similar type of vampire ability chances are very low we will just have to see when we meet them." it's the only logical conclusion I can come up with but it's still unbelievable in a sense there has never has been a vampire gift that can alter vampire phycology that is unbelievable in a sense. I know I have seen many vampire gifts Volturi monitored when I was with them. I have seen empathy, mind-reading, precognition, pain induing and sense taking gift....etc but never seen something like this let's hope my guess is right.

I told them the meeting was over I saw as every one of my children went to their rooms. I saw my wife coming towards me and asking what I thought about the chances of such ability. I can only say"chances are very low it can be by other means" because such ability it's not an illusion that's for I know Serena whose ability is casting illusions she changes the environment, blind a person but she can't do something like this sure since our skin reflects light from what Alice described there skin seemed like any normal human.

Edwards pov

After the meeting, everyone started to do their own thing. But I can hear their thoughts everyone was confused about Alices' vision. I was going to start playing the piano but my mind always wandered into the vision because the vision did not make any sense. I saw the girl who was supposed to be my mate same as Rosalie and the boy. But what confused me was both Rosalie and I did not have any traits of a vampire and we seemed to have aged.

I could not understand the vision the girl was my mate my hands were on edge of the piano the thing I can think was " If she is a human I would not condemn her to this life a soulless monster and if she is a vampire we have not come upon her so either she is newborn or she is in a different continent, we just have found her even then I don't think I deserve the love of my mate."

I was playing the piano as, I thought about what Carlisle said"I have the feeling that Edwards or Rosalie's mate is responsible for their change I am not sure I never have come upon any similar type of vampire ability we will just have to see when we meet them."

I muttered, "It just isn't possible for us to change back to human. But such a gift of changing the vampire physiology is not possible and I saw the vision so I know they were not using illusion.I believe it was by other means."

I was thinking about what the future Alice had seen I believe, I am not worthy of a mate, I am a soulless monster.

Esme pov

I was thinking about the future Alice saw and is it even possible to turn a vampire back to a human my said husband said it was not possible. I knew contacts would melt because of the venom, aging, and not sparkling in the sun is what put everyone's mind in a dilemma.

I asked "Carlisle such a gift is it dangerous."

My husband tiredly replied "I don't think it's anything dangerous we will just have wait and see"

I was kinda shocked when my husband said "I have the feeling that Edwards or Rosalie's mate is responsible for their change i am not sure I never have come upon any similar type of vampire ability chances are very low we will just have to see when we meet them".But it did make sense there many vampires who have special gifts just like Alice, Edward, and Jasper.

My husband said we will deal with it when the time comes. I saw everyone go to their rooms. I went next to my husband I asked him "if there is a chance of such an ability"

My husband shook his head and said "Chances are very low it can be by other means "

Rosalie pov

We came back home after hunting. I went to chat with Sarah about fashion trends, I saw Alice coming towards us but suddenly stopped and went into a trance. I looked as everyone was turning serious since they knew when Alice was having a vision it can be good or bad. So we waited for her to come out of it I can see jasper was concerned about his mate I can also see emmet having arms around Sarah.

I envied them, I could only think while biting my lips "I was still not able to find my mate and also part of me wanted to find my mate real fast but another part of me knew even if my mate was here I will never be able to have a family of my own it hurts thinking about it" I suddenly felt calm I looked at jasper who was using his gift to calm me down he felt my emotions. Alice came out of her vision she was confused.

I saw her look at Edward he must have seen what she saw in the vision I can tell Edward was also confused about this vision Edward told Esme to call Carlisle so we were waiting in the family meeting room both Edward and Alice told everyone they will tell them when Carlisle reached home. I saw Carlisle enter the family room giving everyone an acknowledged nod them family meeting began with Carlisle telling Alice to tell them about the vision hearing what the vision was I knew why they were confused.

Both Edward and I were a vampire and it is not reversible so as to not have any vampire traits was weird but Alice and Edward both saw my and Edwards mate I wish I could see him if only he was here now. I was pondering on the vision of my mate will he accept me after knowing my past The first bonding force is romance: If a vampire falls in love, that feeling never fades away and that love is bound for eternity.

Carlisle sighed with relief "At least my family is not in danger"

I heard jasper ask is it even possible to change vampires back to humans Carlisle told him it's not possible.

But the next this he said surprised me "I have this feeling that Edwards or Rosalie's mate is responsible for their change but chances are very low we will have to see when we meet them."

Carlisle ended the meeting with that and everyone was going to their rooms I was thinking about what Carlisle said is that even possible another I wanted to know is what my mate looked like I wished I had Edwards vampire ability to see how looked.

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