33 Chapter 33

[Authors note:The time where Bella and Edward goes honeymoon after their wedding will be cut out as I will fill in my own stuff.]

Matt POV

Two months flashed past as both Tyler and Jackson where turned both had abilities of their own as Victor had Elemental Mimicry which helped him to duplicate the physical properties of anything he touched or that touched him,example items like steel,diamond..etc and Jackson had the ability to communicate with animals.But both powers had limits of their own as Tyler still couldn't keep up the transformation for a long time and Jackson was not able to control animals.

Rosalie was helping Bella out as much as possible with her wedding as it became hard for her to move around and Bella's wedding was next week and it was happening in forks in Cullen's backyard and created all the necessary tech for Carlisle to check the baby as Rosalie was lying on the med bay and Carlisle was checking reports of the scanning as Rosalie with slightly worried tone asked: "Is the baby okay?"Carlisle smiled at Rosalie reassuringly and replied"The babies are fine Rosalie."

Rosalie questioned"Babies?"Carlisle nodded and answered, "Yes Rosalie you are having twins."Rosalie was happy while she frowned seeing Matt was not surprised at all as she yelled"You knew about this didn't you, That's why you always avoided the question of whether the child was girl or boy."I winced to hearing her accusation as I could only think"She is obviously having mood swings."

Rosalie yelled and grabbed my ear for not telling her this sooner,I looked at Alice who also knew about this was looking away from all this like she was innocent and Jasper obviously was amused by the whole situation, while Emmet was laughing his ass off as I said"You both will be going through this too."

Both Jasper and Emmet were not amused after hearing that particular information as Jasper suddenly saw flashes of Alice with mood swings which was something that brought dread in the war veteran himself, while Emmet was already under Sarah's thumb as he thought about how much he had to run around for her. While everything soon calmed down as Rosalie watched the scans of her twins as she whispered"So we go with the name Gabrielle for our little girl and I am not sure about the name Alex?"

I nodded as we had gone through some names but none fit as Rosalie was thoughtful and said"How about Elijah for our son?"When Matt heard the name Elijah he suddenly felt his son was going to wear a suit in the future like a certain Original vampire.While both Dad and Sue Clearwater visited to see how Rosalie was doing as Sue came and hugged Rosalie while congratulating her on having twins as Dad did the same with me as he said"So I am having two grandkids,its like Deja vu since both you and your sister were twins."I nodded hearing that and replied, "It won't be long as you will be able to hold them in your hands."

Dad was surprised as he soon shook it off since he remembered the particular talk about Cullens being different, also I had created the Medical bed from Elsyuim which had the power to reverse aging.So I was sure Dad was going to be with us for a long time, also I have seen visions of the Quileute tribe taking the offer as imprintee's of the shapeshifters are not able to stay young like there mates do.

When we told everyone the names as I pitched in for middle names Gabriella Charlie Cullen was finalized as for Elijah we decided to go with Elijah Jasper Cullen. Both Dad and Jasper smiled hearing the names as Dad smiled and said"You know your grandparents would have loved to see this moment."

While I grabbed Rosalie's hand as she whispered to me"Do you think we will be great parents?"I smiled gave a nod and replied, "I know we will be great."Rosalie smiled hearing that as she asked"You know Bella's wedding is next week and there will be a lot of vampires here, should I move away since I am a little scared about someone finding about our children."I calmed her down and replied"Don't worry nothing will happen.I have everything in place none of the vampires will enter Bella's room as you already "

I nodded as he saw Bella was looking thoughtful as I walked next to her asked in a low tone"What happened?"Bella shook her head and replied"Nothing just thinking about the fact we could have children. Edward and I had talked about this and both of us feel we are not ready to be parents."

I can understand where Bella was coming from as I said"You never know maybe you both will be great parents,I guess we will have to wait and see."Bella nodded as she went to started speaking with Rosalie who was rubbing her stomach and smiling.I couldn't help think about by two kids as I prayed"Thank you for this wonderful life GOD."

The time soon came as Jasper,Emmet,Jackson,Tyler,Victor and me where waiting for Edward outside Bella's house as Emmet had once again asked for a bachelor party as we both were waiting for the lover boy who seems to make things dramatic with Bella as I yelled"Hey lover boy come on already."Emmet curiously questioned"Won't the neighbors hear us?"I shook my head and replied"No I used my powers to make them completely ignore us."Jasper had more less guessed it while Jackson and Tyler just nod as

Edward soon jumped down through the window as I questions"Whats with you and windows can't you just use the door after all my dad is out to buy grocery."Edward looked embarrassed as everyone started to snicker hearing that as he diverted the topic"Come one lets go."

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