1 Chapter 1

I am now staring at Morgan Freeman with the same white suit from the movie. I don't even remember my name even though I have memories all these movies, show, anime's and books at first, I thought I was dreaming, then the last thing I remembered I was walking home since I kind of slept in the bus on my way home and practically I was two stops away from my home. Hence, I decided to walk. I was playing some songs next thing I look up to see a speeding truck coming right at me. Next thing I remember I am looking at Morgan Freeman or G.O.D.

I am being judged to either go to heaven or hell. I never really believed in the concept of heaven and hell, so here goes nothing after coming out from my thoughts.

"Hello god, so can I know where I am going, heaven or hell," I asked the possible G.O.D Morgan Freeman lookalike.

He stared at me for a while and said: "You are quite calm son, it was not your time to die it was a mistake on my part, and I am sorry for it and willing to reincarnate you with three wishes".

I was not expecting that, and even gods make mistakes. I have read mythologies a lot, it's possible, and he seems really sorry about it so why must I be angry about it since he giving me another chance to live.

I asked him with excitement, "So I get to reincarnate in any of my favorite universes with wishes if from fanfics I have read."

GOD replied, looking at me with a smile, "Wait there son, it's true you are reincarnating with wishes, but you cannot choose the universe or world yourself ."

I was kinda bummed I cannot choose the world myself, "so how do we choose which world I go to."

I sighed it was quite bad if I get the wrong world. G.O.D or Morgan Freeman bought up spin the wheel found at some carnivals. It had all movies, shows and anime are on it.

" You just have spin this wheel It depends on your luck which world you get," he said with slight amusement.

"So basically, it all comes down to luck so let find out"I replied with slightly depressed I spun the wheel I was praying so do not end up in dc universe or dragon ball universe; I do not have anything against them, but all most all of the individuals there are overpowered the wheel spun and slowed down and it reached Twilight the shiny disco ball vampire universe I saw the movies the main characters sucked Bella was a damsel in distress until the last movie and she was too nosy for her own good and Edweird is emo stalker he judges people based on their past he was a dick to jasper he can only read what person thinks at that time and there where even methods to block his mind-reading it's not like he was Charles Xavier who can read a person's whole past and even erase memories as well as control them. I thought about some problems I had with the main characters I will see where it goes.

"So my wishes are I want a copy and upgrade power example mind reading from Edward will be copied and upgraded to Charles Xavier's ability which can even pass through Bella's shield since I really want to hear her thoughts, Alice can only see the vision when a person makes a decision upgrade makes me see the vision with different paths basically I can see what my choice with take me to and I don't want to be in a trance I can see the vision only when there is a danger to my coven, my mate and my family or when I want to first wish to make it look like the Sharingan basically copyfight styles and moves also.

The second wish I want the ability to give vampires and myself change their age, look's like white cold hard skin, to give them the ability to eat and taste their food like a normal person it will keep them satisfied so they do not have to go hunt all the time but they will still need blood to control their thirst, give them the ability to have children and third wish I want to be technopath".

God looked at me for a second and said"I will be able to give you first and the third wish is easy to the second wish about changing age, looks, eating can be done but giving them children is hard okay I will give you the wish children will be born like any normal babies the mother during this period will vulnerable because she will be half human half vampire after birth she will return to normal they will grow naturally not like Renesmee did the children since they are vampires will be slightly stronger than normal children they will not have a scent so no accidents can happen and they will not need blood until 18 years old also they will stop aging at twenty since you thought about other people you don't even know yet as well as your mate I will add and extra wish but make it small".

I was slightly stunned at that I got another wish so what should I wish for I thought crossing my hands I got an idea "I want the ability to hide certain memories in peoples mind so they cannot read by another people like Aro or Edweird both are creepy can you make my blood have healing properties same as from vampire diaries"

God replied, "Technically, they are 2 wishes, but I will make that happen, but it will not be able to bring back the dead."

God was okay with it, but he asked, "why these specific wishes."

I replied," First, I wanted Power, which I will be able to get by copying the Cullens and their friends second, I want to blend with people not run every time someone found we are not aging and stuff, and I wanted to give my coven happiness of having children, even eating will be a wonder for them to taste food and third technopath I can remove any details, photos of us from any kinda system or web and with the last aro can't find out my gifts as well as what I can do from reading my coven, and I can create and upgrade the tech I have so that's a bonus ".

"Very well thought out, and I just wanted to hear it from you I read your mind while you were selecting your wishes, So why pray Rosalie as your mate, " G.O.D asked.

I shrugged and said, "she had a bad past she wanted to have children, grandchildren and seeing Bella turn into a vampire but even have children and the possibility of future grandchildren must have been hard for her to see I have nothing against emmet but I want to give her everything the world has to offer and she is hot".

GOD asked me." How do you want to look and which family do you want to be born into, "

This I thought for a while I replied: "looks I will go with Matthew Daddario, more handsome and red eyes not unnaturally red like the vampires, the family was a tough one if I become Bella's twin I will be caught inside all the drama but I can be with Rosalie and can you make it so that I only wake up on my flight to forks I don't want to go through being a baby again okay that will be all and thank you for this chance."

God gave a smile and waved his hand, then I blacked out next thing I know I am sitting next to Bella who was listening to music lets just say she looks like young Kristen Stewart in the first movie.

Then I suddenly got a slight headache it seems my name is Matthew Swan I got all my memories it seems like the movie Renee is an airhead and completely irresponsible she really left me and Bella do most of the work but she seems slightly mature after meeting Phil.

Bella and I have a good relationship; she seems to think for herself too, even if it is slightly it seems like Renee has been hinting a lot about going to charlie, it seems Bella didn't get what Renee meant I certainly did Bella like in the movies the self-sacrificing one decided both Phil and Renee to be alone and go to charlie I certainly not see her as my mother that's for sure.

Now let's see how Charlie is; even though he is the quiet and awkward and silent type he is really a better parent than Renee, I will call him dad I can see Bella takes after him.

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