1 Chapter 1

Authors note :I just wrote this story without thinking much and giving the credit for my sister who wanted this fanfic, but please do anyone you have cool wishes.


I am now sitting in front of an old grandma, and I last thing I remember is getting hit by a bus while I was returning home from college. I had just gotten a placement. I know I am dead, but no crying over spilled milk.

I asked the grandma, "So grandma, I guess you are the one who is going to lead me to the afterlife."She just smiled and replied, "It was not your time to die, child."

I raised an eyebrow at that and said, "So grandma, do I get to reincarnate in a different world with wishes."Grandma replied, "You can call me Gaea if you want, and yes, you are going to be reincarnated in a different world with 3 wishes."

When I heard that, I really wanted to dance in joy but controlled myself.I thought, "Which world to reincarnate into the Originals/TVD it is good to place, and I was a fan of the originals. But I will need to be really strong to survive there."

I looked at grand Gaea and said, "I am ready. I want to reincarnate in TVD/TO."Gaea nodded and asked, "So what about your wishes."This was a tough one. I replied, "I wish to be Lucifer Morningstar, and the last two wishes to be stored away for later."

Grandma Gaea was amused and said, "You know I can read your mind. I know all the powers lucifer possess super strength, super speed, flight, teleportation, immortality....etc."

I fidgeted; not looking at her, I thought, "Well, that backfired."Gaea just smiled and said, "I saw no ill will like rule the world or anything like that. But you do have a slight bias towards certain people, so I will warn you what you saw on the TV may not be what you find, and I will grant you the wish but you will have all his memories 13 billion years."

I nodded I was fine with that and asked, "Can I look like Tom Elis."Gaea smiled and nodded, "That is not a problem."

Gaea just waved her and hand and said, "You will lose your other 2 ."I blacked out, and I was standing in the middle of the desert and in front of me, I saw a city and giant pyramid.I muttered, "Ohh, I fucked up. I didn't tell the timeline I wanted to go."

I slowly processed all the memories of Lucifer. All the story is similar to Lucifer TV show powers are from both Supernatural TV show it seems my family of angels are still here but doesn't interfere with mortals. It seems Lucifer and GOD has solved their problems.

I looked at myself. I had a white tunic that should fall right below the knee. I calmed down and snapped my fingers, turning my changing my clothes into a black suit. I looked at myself and muttered, "That's more like it."

I made my wings visible, which was pure white. I flapped it as I flew through the sky, I thought while flying, "I can get used to this."

From my memories, I know it is 3000 BC since I found Narmer, the founder of the first dynasty of ancient Egypt.I already 13 billion years old what is a few 1000 years going to change.

I practiced elemental manipulation, curses, telepathy, telekinesis, chronokinesis...etc.

I thought while going through my memories, " I have lots and lots of time Arcadius or cade was born between 2300-2200 BC, so I just have find him then."

I stopped practice since I felt a familiar presence. I turned around to see Amandaiel and sighed, "What can do for you, brother."Amandaiel, who smiled and replied, "Nothing just wanted to see you, Luci, and once again, you escaped your duties in hell."

I grinned and replied, "Actually, I created a clone of myself. Even though it only has half of my strength, it will be able to rule Hell easily."Amandaiel sighed, "I guess that's why father didn't seem to think much about you coming to earth this time."

I nodded and said, "by the way, It is good to see you too, brother, and what can I do for you."Amandaiel replied, "Just father wanted you to visit heaven since mother seems to miss you."I deadpanned, "I just saw her 2 years ago, you know that right, brother."

Amandaiel laughed and said, "You know you are mother's favorite, right, and while the rest of are in heaven, you are on earth."I smirked and said, "Of course I am. How can someone not like me."

Amandaiel looked at me and said, "I thought you were learning to control your ego and arrogance."I replied, "Yes, I am trying. It's not easy to get over your behavior like you seem to make it."

Amandaiel looked at my suit and asked, "You used your precognition to see the future, didn't you."I replied, smiling, "Yes, it is from the future. Do you like it?"

Amandaiel shook his head and said, "I can see improvement in your behavior even if it is small."I just nodded and asked, "Did you see the no .of supernatural has increased by a lot of witches, dragons, merman...etc."

Amandaiel said seriously, "Yes, they have been growing in numbers."After chatting for a while.

I saw him fly into the sky.

I muttered, "So my personality change will not be a problem, it seems, but the Lucifer personality seems to have influenced me slightly."

The funny thing is my old personality really matches with the personality of Samael.

I decided to travel around for a bit of sightseeing.

Timeskip 2200 BC

I watched as this new hell was created Amandaiel came next to mean asked, "Are you going to interfere."I nodded and replied, "I have to this guy seems to be too bitter about his death. He will just torture everyone just for small sins, which is not right."

Amandaiel asked, "Are going to make him your servant."I thought for a while and said, "If he proves he can get over his grudge, then I will let him become my servant."It would be hypocrisy if the past Lucifer said that, but I have been spending time with Amandaiel and my other siblings, all like my new personality. We bonded quite well.

I entered the so-called hell Arcadius created. He was literally torturing all these people.I asked, "Do you hate them that."Cade was shocked and asked, "Who are you."

I bowed and replied, "Lucifer Morningstar, the son of the creator, also punisher of sins, unlike the fake Hell you created here."Cade knew this was not someone to anger, so he asked cautiously, "Why did you come here, Lord Lucifer."

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