8 Chapter-8: Date and Uchiha Hub


It's been 3 months and a lot of things have happened.

I've injected Naruto with Parasite A1 Naruto version. I've got a stable supply of Ashura's chakra now. I did it on our second day of class, while he was sleeping. Yes he was sleeping on the second day of the class.

I've started storing his chakra just under my left lung.

His chakra has twice as many Ashura's chakra particle. 1 in 500 particles.

I've started sieving it too and started washing my body cell's with it. It is replacing my cell's physical energy and replacing it. I think I will have incredible affinity to Senjutsu.

I've started by replacing cells from my bones. I will work my way out.

I've also grown fairly close to Hinata. She is still shy but can now speak with me fairly comfortably. We mostly stick together.

Sasuke is still blinded by vengeance. He is getting better at bukijutsu, taijutsu and a little bit in ninjutsu.

He can beat up a freshly graduated genin without sweat, though he lacks experience he needs as a ninja.

I also finally accumulated enough of his chakra and sieved it. I have enough of Indra's chakra for mangekyo.

I will evolve my eyes tonight.

As I was doing push ups, I saw it was evening time.

Sasuke and I were training. I will start teaching him a bit of genjutsu today. This much training should be more than enough for him to catch all the attention while I silently reap benefits.

"Stop exercising. Today we will start genjutsu training." I said.

"Okay...but can you really teach me?" He asked while looking a little smug.

I was curious where this worm can get so much confidence?

He activated his one-tomoe Sharingan as he stared at me with a little smirk on his face.

"*sigh* Seriously? You are getting smug just because you awakened Sharingan? And here I thought you had something better." I said.

"We Uchihas are famous for our genjutsu. Without Sharingan, I don't think you can teach me too much." He said with arrogance.

I activated my own three-tomoe sharingan.

I could see his smug face collapsing slowly. It was fun to watch.

"I got my own one-tomoe Sharingan when I was 1 day old. Why do you think I was trained to be a spearhead and pillar? You really are stupid sometimes aren't you?" I said.

He was silent and his sight was down.

"Anyway let's begin genjutsu training but before that..." when he looked me in my eyes, I placed him in a genjutsu.

(Genjutsu world)

"You cannot tell anyone about our little secret." I said as I smiled.

A clown reached him from the behind undetected and said "Sasuke boy? want a balloon?" in a very creepy voice. He smiled and activated a hideous form. He started eating Sasuke.

Sasuke was slowly being devoured by Pennywise in his deadlight form. He was screaming very very loudly.

I broke the genjutsu.

(Real world)

Sasuke was panting like crazy on his knees as I saw him.

"That was personal genjutsu. Did you like it?" I said.

"T-T-T-That thing shouldn't exist...I-It was madness...W-Why would you put me in a genjutsu like t-t-t-that..?" he said as he was very much shaken by the genjutsu.

"Itachi has an extremely strong genjutsu. I believe it's called Tsukuyomi. In genjutsu world, He can control everything and time ratio is very long so you experience several days worth of torture in a few seconds. I just want you to know where you stand. Currently, you don't stand a chance." I said.

My criticism may be harsh but it is for MY own benefit. I must push him to Orochimaru. Just according to plan!

He was really angry but didn't show any of it but I could still tell.

We started our genjutsu training and ended it.

The spring time has started and it is good thing as I can take Hinata out for a date. I can start increasing my training too.

It was night time.

Sasuke is asleep now and I was sieving a little more of his chakra just to be sure that I get mangekyo.

After sieving his chakra, I decided to push all the Indra's chakra in both of my eyes.

They started rapidly spinning and made a beautiful pattern.

I got the information about my abilities.

My left eye had Amaterasu and Right eye had Kamui.

Not bad. Not bad at all. They're extremely useful!

I feel that my genjutsu prowess also increased sharply. With proper control I might be able to control literally anyone.

This could also solve a lot of problems too.

'I will increase Naruto's chakra supply by a few folds. His chakra is quite chaotic so one will know that his chakra is being leeched off. I will also take more of Sasuke's chakra.' I thought.

The curse of hatred didn't act up this time so I think my will power has increased to at least not be influenced by my feelings.

'AI calculate amount of chakra I need to get Rinnegan, after I get EMS in future.' I asked inwardly.

[Affirmative host. It will require about 5 years worth of chakra if the rate isn't increased.]

'Damn it. It may be really fast from other's perspective but it is too slow in my case. I will increase the chakra supply by 5 times. That should work.' I thought.

[Host can do it during the class time. Detecting difference in Naruto's chakra is extremely hard even as a Hyuga, due to the ever increasing and violent nature. It is suggested to push the amount to 10 times during class. That is the maximum amount without raising any suspicion. Sasuke on the other hand can be asked to 'expel' the chakra as training to increase chakra reserves.]

'That sounds nice. Calculate new date for EMS and Rinnegan.' I asked AI as I felt an urge to do a villain laugh.

[6 months for EMS and 1 year for Rinnegan.]

'NICE! This is a lot better!' I thought.

I slept for the day.




I woke up at 5 AM. I woke up Sasuke too so that I can bully him with MORE training. We started our regular training.

'My chakra reserves are slowly increasing to high-jonin level and is rapidly increasing. It may increase to Kage level in future very easily. This will fill up one of the requirements of senjutsu.' I thought.

I finished my training and took a cool bath to wash away the sweat accumulated.

I've also started to cough pitch black substance after training. First I was worried it may be a deadly disease but after checking with help of AI, I found out it was just my previous 'bad' blood. It was because I started washing my bones first with Ashura's chakra.

Bones are now producing new blood cells and they are obviously superior in comparison to my previous blood, so my previous blood is now somehow expelled from my body, either by coughing or by defecation.

This will end after 6 months, as per AI.

I came out from the bathroom and made some breakfast and a Bento for academy.

I really love Akimichi cook books. With my three-tomoe Sharingan form, I can create foodgasm level stuff without breaking a sweat.

After cooking, we both left for Academy.

On our way, I noticed a few girls following both of us.

This is a group of academy girls.

They were stalking us. This was a daily thing for us.

Being an Uchiha just guarantees you good looks, but I hit the genetic lottery.

While Sasuke's appearance was good, mine was even better.

Long and smooth hair, thin lips, a sharp nose, defined jawline, smooth milky skin and comfy demeanor. That was me. I had an appearance strikingly similar to Sebastian Michaelis from an anime I remember watching.

My demeanor and looks put most people at ease. Well looks and demeanor can be deceiving. I am a prime example of that, aren't I?

(A/N: Narcissistic Bastard.)

After losing the horde of stalkers, We reached to academy. A few people were already here like Hinata, Shino, Hinata, Kiba, Hinata etc.

I was happy to see Hinata. She is the only one who puts my heart at ease and comfort. Rest are really stressful to deal with.

I walked towards her seat and sat besides her. She was quite happy to see me too. We've been sitting next to each other for 3 months and talk a lot.

I think I will ask her out today, after academy.

Sasuke sat on some seat around too.

Sakura and Ino were arguing with each other for sitting near Sasuke.

Naruto was late as usual. I started absorbing his chakra with 10 times faster.

He sweated a little and felt sleepy. He slept on his desk while I continued to extract his chakra.

The class started as usual. It was all boring stuff like history, math, language etc.

I was bored out of my mind. Even Iruka-sensei stopped bothering me as I was always first as I already knew most of the things. You can't underestimate an orphan weeb who worked especially hard to stay alive in his previous world.

Hinata was carefully taking notes while I was slacking off.

After the classes were over, all the students started to leave.

"Hey Hinata! Do you want to have some cinnamon rolls with me?" I said as I gave my best disarming smile to put her at ease.

"K-K-Kazuya-kun..." She said as she got beet red.

"Do you wanna go?" I asked.

"Y-Yes I'd love to. I-I mean Of course." she said.

Man watching her like this just fills my heart with love and wholesomeness.

"A date it is then." I said while smiling.

I could hear a lot of gasps outside the class. This the group of academy girls that is stalking me, I think.

We took our stuff and went to the cinnamon roll shop. It was near a dango shop.

We ate a lot of cinnamon rolls and I paid.

Hinata was embarrassed that she ate too much but I didn't care. Massacre got me quite a lot money from other clan member's savings.

Almost 450 million ryo. Ninjas and clans earned quite a lot. We also had more money because of the Uchiha police force.

I bought as well as invested in several shops and I was gaining quite a lot of money.

I think I could be one of the richest, if not the richest in the shinobi world in future.

We took a long 30 minute walk through senju park and after that, I walked Hinata to her clan compound. She had a bright smile on her face. I think It really suites her.

"You should smile more Hinata. It really suites you." I said as I smiled.

She was beet red after hearing what I said.

"I will see you tomorrow, Hinata. Byee!" I said as I left.

"S-Sure, K-K-Kazuya-kun." she said.

I ran towards my house. My money was properly invested and hence I was getting richer day by day as I played monopoly in Naruto world.

I put most of clan properties for rent for shops and rest were for tenants. Our house was in the very centre. I've made a popular market place and living area. I call it Uchiha Hub. The name was uncreative but Konoha didn't do any better in naming sense so it was alright.

I've advertised Uchiha hub a lot with shadow clones in henge and many store owners looking for a shop are coming.

The Kyuubi attack has created a lot of inflow of traders and other commodities and it still isn't stopping. Civilian Businessmen are now overflowing Konoha with goods but they lack a spot where they could collect and start trade at a fair price.

That's where I came in. I took all there goods and hired civilian youth and retired ninjas to sell those goods. I used genjutsu on them to control them with my mangekyo sharingan. It was quite easy as breaking my illusions is now impossible even for kage level opponents.

I gave the businessmen a small portion of the earning and the rest went to 'development of hub' and that is my own pocket.

The Uchiha hub was fairly new so the stress of paperwork wasn't that high. I could leave 9 or 10 shadow clones for it and all was managed.

The Uchiha hub was gathering a lot of attention and was really popular.

Rich or poor, civilian or shinobi, all were coming to us as quality of goods sold was better than others and the sheer variety was astounding.

We had ninja tool shops, restaurants, bars, clothing shops, Living areas, Spa, Bathing areas etc. The rules were extremely strict too. Anyone who enters is a customer and must be treated fairly.

No problems were there and all the people were quite happy with it. A few troublemakers did try their luck but they mysteriously vanished. No one complained after they vanished and people were very obedient.

I also started creating troubles in other shop and marketplaces with shadow clone and henge. I also spread bad rumors for other market places. The plan for economic domination is going well.

I created a few shadow clones for paper work and left for training.

Me and Sasuke trained for almost whole day.

"Today you will be expelling all the chakra from you body and do physical exercise without it. This will train your base endurance and chakra reserves. " I said.

"Okay I will do it. Will this help us in fulfilling our revenge faster?" He asked.

"Of course it will. It will increase your base endurance and chakra reserves. Both are essential for taijutsu, ninjutsu and being a ninja. It has no side effects except a lot of exhaustion." I said with a serious tone.

"Let's start the training then." He said.

After training we ate dinner which was made by me.

It was filled with a lot of meat.

After this Sasuke slept for the day.

I started sieving Both Sasuke's and Naruto's chakra.

I kept Indra's chakra and Used Ashura's chakra for my body.

I too slept for the day.







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