3 Chapter 02 - The Death of Lucka

After I heard the voice of a screaming woman I passed out and I remember absolutely nothing, I just remember having a sleep deprivation breakdown, but why did I have to be on the stairs right now?

'I died?' I don't know if I died or what happened to me, but I can only think right now.

I can't feel any part of my body, it's like I'm floating in a black space, I was feeling a cold beating on my body, but I had nobody, how is this possible?

* ////// *ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?* ////// *

'SHIT, what a scare, but what the fuck?' Suddenly a loud, loud voice shouted at me? Why are you shouting?

Putting that aside, what the hell is going on here? I do not feel my body and now appears a voice shouting at me?But whose fucking voice is that? There is no one in this place but me.

"What do you mean, are you ready?" I tried to speak but no voice came out at all, this is very uncomfortable, not being able to feel my body and not being able to talk, it makes me very agonized.

But even though no voice came out, this person who was here could understand me, I don't know how that person did something like that, but it was scary to think about.

* ////// *JUST TELL ME IF YOU'RE READY FOR IT.* ///// *

'Can you stop screaming? This is pissing me off. ' Well, aside from that, why does he keep asking me if I'm ready for something? I'm not ready, I just fell down the stairs of my house and have no idea if I'm still alive.

Did I just transport myself to this place? Now, will you say I'm going to reincarnate or something? I've always liked manga like that, but that doesn't mean I'd like to go to such a world.

* ////// *I ASK YOU FOR LAST TIME, ARE YOU READY?* ////// *

Shit, I need to answer this guy.What happens if I answer no? Am I going back to my normal life?

What if this is to reincarnate me and I answer no? Will I disappear forever?

Damn, I don't know what to do, I need to make a quick decision if I go to another world what will happen to my love for Michelle? And my family?Damn, will I have to answer yes?

"Alright, I'm ready."

When I answered that, my vision began to go on in a great pale-colored light at high speed, and after a while, I lost consciousness.


It was four o'clock in the morning and Michelle's parents got a call in the night, first they thought it was a hoax or something, but when they answered they got a big surprise.

His daughter's best friend had a serious accident and is now in a serious condition on his way to the hospital.

They didn't want to wake up their daughter, but they had to do it so they went to her room and woke her up very carefully.

When Michelle received the news about Lucka's accident, she immediately started crying and changed clothes. She asked her father to take her to the hospital, but the traffic was very bad so they would take longer than she expected.

'Don't leave me Lucka, I couldn't even tell you how I feel.' Again Michelle began to cry, she regretted not telling Lucka how she felt.

She never spoke because Lucka didn't show anything for her, and she wasn't good at conveying her feelings either, so she can't believe what happened.

After some time in traffic, they finally arrived at the hospital, when Michelle arrived there, met Lucka's mother sitting on a bench in the hospital corridor.

"How is he doing?" Michelle asked Lucka's mother how he was because she arrived late and did not know the state he was in.

"His condition is very serious, the doctors said that if he does not respond to treatment this evening he could .." Lucka's mother didn't even finish talking, she just started crying right there.

Michelle who heard this fell on the hospital bench because she didn't want to believe what she had just heard.

Could it end like this? Will this happen after all they have been through together?

"Can I see him?" Michelle wanted to see Lucka because if something happened to him, she could at least see him before something happened.

"I'm sorry, but neither can I enter the room he is in." Lucka's mother broke Michelle's hopes, it was like a heart stab she got right there.

But this bad feeling would only increase more and more, as a few minutes later a huge rush began to take place inside the hospital.And they both realized that the doctors were rushing to the room Lucka was currently in.

Lucka's mother and Michelle also ran toward the room but were prevented from entering by one of the doctors.

"What is happening?" Michelle, who could no longer wait, asked one of the doctors who had just left the room that Lucka was.

The doctor was silent for a moment.

"Can you sit there for your kindness?" The doctor points to one of the benches in the middle of the hospital corridor.

"Unfortunately, your son did not respond to treatment and ended up having a respiratory arrest. We tried everything to make your son wake up, but it was not possible, I'm sorry." The doctor said as he bent a little.

When Lucka's mother received this news, Lucka's mother immediately fainted and Michelle was paralyzed without understanding anything, she could not believe what had just happened.

'You left me alone.' It was the only thing going on inside Michelle's head right now.

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