Light engulfed me and shot ahead a moment later. Little by little, it began to take shape, until a small slime had formed and wobble in front of me.

‘But how cute she is… Is this what it feels like to have a baby? No… probably not… Wait… Isn’t she really my daughter? I am a stone that gave birth to a slime… I am getting worse each moment.’


A voice echoed inside my head. I was scared for a moment and looked everywhere…

‘Wait for a second… Limy, is that you? What’s going on?’

[The dungeon master can mentally communicate with his monsters. If the monster is smart enough and is allowed, it could be able to speak too.]


—Ah! Sorry, sorry, can you hear me?

—Yes, master.

I was overjoyed. For the first time in my new life, I was talking with someone… The problem was that I couldn’t think about anything to say.

‘Well, first of all, let’s see if I can see her status.’


Name: Limy

Kind: Slime | Race: Blue slime

Level: 1 | Experience: 0/300 | Grade: 1 (Elite)

HP: 76/76 | MP: 26/26


Vitality: 18 | Strength: 12 | Agility: 14

Intellect: 10 | Magic power: 6

Special abilities:

- Inner space: 1

- Mimic: 1

- Perverted slime tentacle: 1


‘She has almost the same amount of HP as me being only level 1… It’s not fair! Well… I better not think about it at the moment… I want to see how the Mimic skill works.’

—Limy, can you transform into a human?

—I will try, master.

Limy began to shake up and down. Her body started to change into a humanoid form. Subsequently, the blue mucus changed color, until it became identical to human skin. Her hair grew into long blue pigtails, and a pair of the same color eyes, although without a pupil, opened… but there was an insignificant problem...

—Ehm… Limy… why are you naked?! And worse, why did you take the form of a little girl?!

“I followed your wish, master.”

—Oh, you can even talk with this for… No, that doesn’t matter now! I didn’t tell you to turn into a little girl! And much less naked!

“I can’t create clothes and I’m not large enough for a different look, master.”

—Ah! Well, that makes sense… Although it does not solve the problem!

“It’s ok, I don’t care about being naked, master.”

—How the hell is that ok? Look, I’m going to tell you something that I want you to stick into your head forever. You must always act according to the following sentence…

“Understood, master.”

—No matter what you've done, forgetting your panties are wrong.

Both of us fall silent. Limy was looking at me with a completely expressionless face. Her eyes, which did not reflect any sign of life, were also fixed on me.

“But master, I don’t have panties, I can’t forget something I never had.”

—We should get some soon. Even though…

Taking a closer look at her, she had no nipples and nothing seemed to exist between her legs either. If she stayed quiet, she would look more like a doll than a human.

—Mmmm, no nipple, no censorship. I guess that’s fine for the moment.

“Master, what are we going to do now? Are you going to create a big dungeon?”

—No way, I will get as far away as possible from any existing dungeon! You will come with me?

“Of course, master.”

We started walking across the meadow again. I remembered how I suffered the first days after arriving in this world.

—I remember that right here I was swallowed by a slime… In those days my only way to travel was inside it… The truth is that it was quite comfortable.

“Master, do you want to be inside me?”

—Limy… I understand the real meaning of that phrase perfectly… and still can’t help but feel disturbed by it!

And without giving me the option to say anything else, Limy picked me up and put me inside her. Even though the outside looked like normal skin, her body was still mucus on the inside.

‘Yes, I have returned to the first day…’

And this is how we started our journey around the world. Our first destination? Search civilization.


Not far from that pair, a figure completely covered by a purple robe was approaching the river. The hood did not cover his face completely, so it was possible to see part of his face in addition to his hands, both parts red. The hood was bulging and was also unable to hide the pair of longhorns that grew from his head. Finally, there was the long tail finished with an arrowhead that shook in time with his footsteps.

“It was not easy to find a good place to hide a dungeon and just the day after starting the construction they called me for a meeting.”

He pulled off his hood and wiped the sweat from his forehead as he sighed dejectedly.

“I didn’t expect level 50 dungeons to be insufficient, and I used all available points before leaving to prevent a possible attack. If I would know that before… And a week is not even enough for someone to find the entrance. I don’t know what I was thinking at that moment.”

He sighed again, but suddenly he started laughing non-stop.

“Although I would like to see the face of whoever enters. I was only able to finish the first floor completely, but the other floors are the hell itself. If anyone can overcome that huge desert and glacier with an eternal blizzard, he has to be a monster among monsters, and that’s not counting the last floor full of traps.”

He reached the river, where the dungeon entrance was supposed to be hidden.

“I’m not going to take it as a waste of points. Now that is like this, I can fully focus on our goal. If all goes as expected, we can open the gate in a couple of months at the most.”

With a snap of his fingers, the river parted and he descended… to find nothing.

“Impossible, the entrance should be here!”

His red face began to change to blue as he was unable to find the entrance anywhere.

“It can’t be… I’m going to have trouble explaining this…”