56 Expenses

[ Congratulations! You have completed the Beast Duel Victory II Mission! ]

[ You have received 40 Skill Points. ]

[ New Mission Created ]

[ Teacher II ]

[ Successfully teach an advanced level Kendo Technique to your wielder.

Reward: 80 SP ]

"Hoho… I'm doing pretty well…"

Reiji felt happy seeing that his SP has increased and after realizing that the next mission was something he was also planning to do for the kid.

"This is good… The reward is also increasing in every mission."

The day that he would have enough points to purchase the skill he wanted to have was getting near.

"Let's see the other notifications…

His happiness has not ended yet as he checked the results of having a bath in the blood of the high-grade beast.

[ A High-Quality Blood has been consumed. ]

[ Bonus Reward: Durability increased by 20 ]

[ You received an abundant supply of energy. ]

[ Your current state has been refreshed. ]

[ You now have a Durability of 170/170. ]

[ Congratulations! You have completed the Blood Bath Mission! ]

[ You have received 90 Skill Points. ]

[ New Mission Created ]

[ More Quality Blood Bath ]

[ Have bath from the blood of stronger creatures. You can still choose to activate the "Blood Bath" on your choice of blood.

Reward: 1-?? SP ]

"Ninety! That's a lot!"

With the previous addition of 40 SP, he now has a total of 255 Skill Points!

The time he spent 10 SP to activate the Overload was worth it as he earned a lot for today.

"The durability issue was also settled at the moment… It seems that the guide can do a lot more things than I can imagine."

Previously, Reiji was made aware that only the wielder or the Arcanist has the ability to repair their Arcana. However, it seems that the fact that he was an extraordinary Arcana must be considered.

"Now, I don't have to rush Diether in learning how to repair an Arcana. Training in swords, practicing the Spiritual Energy, and learning all the knowledge needed to be an Arcanist must be a tough job. After that, he also had to work on missions for a living…"

Although Diether has a lot of money right now that could last for even more than a year, that would only suffice if he was a normal villager.

"It's good that my mission right now was teaching and just another blood bath. I can probably try to complete the Untouchable III…"

Reiji had a sudden thought of just floating while teaching…

"Wait… No… I can't speak to Diether if he's not touching me… Urgh… Then how can I teach him?"

Several ideas came to his head like listing the things that Diether has to do, making a perfect training routine, or probably getting another skill?

"Guide, is there an appropriate skill so I can speak to my wielder even without touching my form?"

[ You already possessed the skill. ]

"Eh? Really?"

Reiji was confused at first but after checking all his available skills, he suddenly realized what the guide was trying to say.

[ Sense Link Lv 1 ]

[ The host will be capable of establishing a connection to its wielder. The skill quality will improve the higher the level. ]

"I should level up this, I suppose."

Reiji only took a moment to decide about leveling up the skill. The ability to transmit his thoughts or words to his wielder without having him to be touched would be very convenient.

Not only for the sake of the Untouchable mission but also for the future.

He purchased the skill for a very cheap price worth 5 SP. It means that it was the same price for upgrading its level.

[ Sense Link level has increased. ]

[ Sense Link level has increased. ]

[ You have mastered the Sense Link ability. ]

[ Sense Link Lv 10 ]

[ You can now communicate to the wielder even without being touched.

Maximum distance: 100 meters. ]

After spending 45 SPs, Reiji has successfully achieved his goal! A touchless communication!

Because of his happiness, he didn't even realize that he was already back at the inn where Diether was resting and lying on the bed.

The young man seems to be very tired with all the events that have transpired today.

After having a good night's rest, Diether woke up early in the morning as he was used to.

"Good morning, child… Your breakfast is ready…"

"Ahh… Thank you, Aunt Jaz!"

The innkeeper was used to see Diether waking up in the morning so she also kindly cooks at this time.

There was no one else dining with him as it was still early in the morning. The customers would normally arrive after a couple more hours…

"Master… You said that I'll be training an advanced technique?"

Diether suddenly asked after he quickly finished his light meal.

He was very interested in this after hearing it a while ago. After all, not only will it improve his fighting capabilities but also help him in getting out of his daily routine.

Changes in his tiring and repetitive training schedule were very much welcome for Diether.

"Yes, but we have to prepare… You have improved faster than I expected… I'm sure that you can handle a new training method. Those hanging woods wouldn't suffice anymore…"


Diether was glad to hear that the hanging woods method might be replaced by something new…

"Eh?! Wait…"

The young man suddenly looked at the shinai placed on the side of the table as he was eating just a moment ago.

"Master! I'm not touching you! But you can still hear my thoughts! Have you regained your powers?"

"Oh! Haha... Yes… I'm slowly getting stronger… Anyway, we have to look for a new Magic Weapon… It's better to get another sword so you can use it for training."

"Mhm… I guess we'll have to visit the Academy's Marketplace today?"

"That's correct. It's good that you woke up early, we'll travel by foot… Think of it as training."

"Yes, Master…"

Diether was considering taking a few more missions today but since his master has plans for this trip, he didn't mention it and continued to walk towards the academy.

In that place, he would be able to sell his high-grade beasts core and purchase many things that are only available for the Arcanists.

However, he didn't get too far from the village when he saw the same person who was previously applying to become a Hunter blocking his path.

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