24 Sponsor

After eating with the ladies he led them to a taxi, but Rose had a car with her so she proposed that she'd transport(?) the ladies to their houses.

The ladies nodded as they accepted her proposal and said that they're gonna have a girls talk while at it and they bade their goodbye to Kyle, whilst the latter did the same.

Kyle looked at the fading back of the black colored car, and when he can't see it anymore, he went to the nearest stalls and strolled for a bit until 5:00 pm.

Time is so sad and fleeting can't be controlled, like a river, never stops. Now, it's already 4:53 pm so Kyle went to the Headmistress' Office.

He walked for a while before reaching the office. He looked at the door for a second and knocked on it. "Headmistress, it's Kyle Karsten."

After a few seconds, he heard the Headmistress's voice on the other side of the door allowing for him to enter. "Come in."

Kyle gently opened the door and entered. He was surprised when he saw Dr. Hannah and Lady Uriel along with the Headmistress and bowed at them afterward.

"No need for formalities, I'm not going to beat around the bush, I'll immediately state the reason why I called you." Nayuna said with a chuckle.

"..." Kyle looked at the Headmistress when he heard her words and said nothing.

Nayuna peered at the young man in front of her, seemingly trying to find what's good about him, a few seconds later, she nodded and said, "Kyle, do you want to become my sponsor? No, not just me, Uriel and Hannah also. Say, what do you think?"

"We will also support your quests if you like." Lady Uriel added. Whilst, Dr. Hannah said nothing as she nodded at the Headmistress and Nun's words.

Kyle was flabbergasted when he heard Headmistress Nayuna and Lady Uriel's statements. He didn't know why powerhouses like them would want to become his sponsor. He thought that maybe he impressed the ladies when he fought earlier, but quickly shook his head in disapproval. He's clearly not the best at the tournament, it's Olivia so if they want to become his sponsor because he's excellent at his fights. Then Olivia is more likely the candidate they'd want to sponsor, not him. He racked his brains trying to find a reason why a powerhouse would like them to become his sponsor, whilst the ladies are trying their best to not laugh when they saw his somewhat cute appearance.

Nayuna: (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

Hannah: (ノ>▽<.)ノ

Uriel: (>y<)

"Hmm, maybe I charmed them with my looks? No, no, that can't be, even though I became more handsome when I drank the body cleansing potion, it's still not enough for me to become a girl magnet, much less charm these beautiful ladies... just what's the reason?" Kyle pondered deeply.

Luxuria: (^v^)

"Fufu, no need to think deeply, I'll state the reason why we'd like to sponsor you." Nayuna said as she broke Kyle's train of thoughts.

Kyle jolted in surprise, it seems he forgot that he's not the only person in the room, but he replied quickly after hearing her words. "Yes, Headmistress. I'm sorry for wasting your time."

"You're not wasting our time." Nayuna shook her head.

"Well, the reason we'd like to sponsor you is that we found out that you're a Dual System user." She added.

As soon as Kyle heard her words, his heart chilled and started to rapidly think what would he do to escape the office. But afterwards, he immediately calmed down when he thought that, if the Headmistress would like to harm him, she'd be able to do it immediately with a wave of her hands.

He stabilized his somewhat rough breathing and asked her respectfully, "Headmistress, how did you know?"

Uriel, Hannah, and Nayuna looked at each other, after that, Hannah answered his question, "After you fought Hero, we suspected that you're a Dual System user because we can clearly see that you're only an Lv. 2 Fledgling yet you had the bottle prowess of a Quasi-Lv. 4 Apprentice. When we're about to confirm our suspicions, the Goddess of Lust and Beauty appeared before us and said you're indeed a Dual System user and she's the God that's supporting you."

"Could it the that the Goddess, is the reason why you'd like to sponsor me?" Kyle exclaimed in surprise when he heard Hannah's words.

"Yes, the Goddess is the reason. She requested if we like to sponsor you and we immediately abided after hearing it. Because first, she's a venerable Goddess. Second, she said that she'd help us to become a super powerhouse if we sponsored you." Uriel replied with a smile.

"..." Kyle stood there for a few seconds, trying to assimilate(?) the words that he just received.

It took him for exactly ten seconds to completely assimilate with it and looked at the three country-toppling beauties before him.

Nayuna smiled as she looked at Kyle and said, "Starting next month, we will give you 500 exp. crystal and 500 coin crystal with each month for a duration of one year. It's sad to say this, but the tournament sucked our wealth dry so we could only give you that kind of small amount."


Despite his internal shouting, Kyle still replied at Nayuna' s words, "Headmistress that's not a small amount at all, I'd still be grateful to you even if I received 100 exp. crystal and 100 coin crystal a month."

"Well, no need to be grateful because we're also not taking a loss. In fact, we're even getting more benefits than you if the Goddess helped us to reach Lv. 7. With the Goddess's assistance, reaching Lv. 7 is guaranteed and just a matter of time." She replied.

Kyle nodded at her words and thanked Luxuria internally.

"Well, here's two 500 exp. crystal and 1000 coin crystal. We're planning to use it ourselves, but decided to give it to you." Nayuna said as she tossed the crystals at Kyle.

He immediately caught and looked at her, "Are you sure...?"

"Of course, we're not really taking a loss even if we gave you 2000 exp. crystal right now compared to the Goddess's assistance. So take it." Uriel said on behalf of Nayuna and Hannah.

Kyle immediately pocketed the crystals as soon as he heard the confirmation and felt happy inside. The reason he joined the tournament earlier was because he'd like to gain an exp. crystal and coin crystal, because he's quite confident that he'd reach the top 3 with his Quasi-Lv. 4 Apprentice battle prowess. He may not show it, but he's desperate to gain an exp. even for a little bit. He even wants to resort to r*ping, but immediately shattered that thought, not wanting to make a second Amber.

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