22 Finals

The audience also looked at Hero with bemused expressions.

It only ended just like that?

Are all first years weak like him?

Or Kyle's just too strong?

How boring...

Kyle broke out of his stupor when the student medics fetched Hero with a stretcher as they left.

He stood there for a few seconds and only left the stage when he heard the announcer announced that he won.

"Participant number 30 from group A, Kyle Karsten, wins the match! Let's give him a round of applause!" The girl shouted.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

The audience started to clap their hands, albeit, only a few of them. Kyle just smiled wryly at it. He knew that the match was boring so only a few of the people clapped.


Inside the VIP room.

"The people may not notice it, but Hero is not a weak fledgling it's just that Kyle is the abnormal one." Nayuna said as she squinted her eyes whilst looking at the back of Kyle.

"Indeed, he's just a Lv. 2 fledgling, but he had a battle prowess of a Quasi-Lv. 4 apprentice." Uriel said with a mysterious smile. If Kyle heard her right now he'd freak out because no one knows his secret, not even Anna and Alice knew it. (Luxuria is an exception)

"Fufu, could it be that he's a Dual System just like the first Monarch of humanity?" Hannah added.

"If he's indeed a Dual System user then that means a God is backing him, but who?" Nayuna said as she asked the duo.

"I also don't know." Uriel and Hannah shook their heads.

"Well, as long as his backer is not the God of Destruction, then at least we won't kill a promising fledgling." Nayuna said.

"Fufufu, if the old foggies got a wind that there's a Dual System user, I wonder how will they react?" Hannah said as she laughed.

"Should we report him to master?" Uriel chimed in.

But before Nayuna and Hannah could answer Uriel's question, the VIP room was sealed with a barrier as the trio stood up and exclaimed, "Who!?"

They then heard a peal of melodic and seductive laughter and a figure of a woman coalesced before them.


The 2nd match finally started, the two were a Lv. 3 fledglings the other one was a fire-type whilst the other was water-type.

Unlike the first match, the 2nd match was much more exciting, the two fought back and forth.

Even if the water user had the upper hand the fire user still had his hidden cards. Moments later, the water user won both of them were gravely injured and the fire user passed out.

As for the 3rd match, it is a battle between the student council president and the captain of the martial art club. Unfortunately for the captain of the martial arts club, he faced Olivia, a Lv. 4 Apprentice, as for the captain, he's only a quasi-Lv. 4. Naturally, Olivia won the fight in a matter of seconds.

Then the other matches also started, there's a match that bored the audience and there's also a match that excited them. Afterward, Kyle had his 2nd match. The opponent was just a Lv. 3 Fledgling so he beat him easily.

The competition continued and the participants fought with each other. Olivia was voted as the number onr participant who'll likely become the champion. While Kyle was dubbed as the competition's dark horse.

When it's finally on the semi-finals, Kyle fought Leonard and Olivia fought the vice-president of the student council. Naturally, Olivia won easily.

As for the battle between Kyle and Leonard. Leonard managed to last for over 5 minutes, he is a quasi-Lv. 4 Apprentice, but his battle experience is weaker than Kyle's, so it's no surprise that he lost.

The fight between Kyle and Leonard, and Olivia and Mr. Steppingstone was played at the same time, so after the winner was decided they were given a 1-hour break.

After the 1 hour break period was over, Leonard and Mr. Steppingstone fought to decide who'd be the 3rd place. Both of them were an heir of a rich family so they had their fair share of crystals that's why both of them were quasi-Lv. 4 Apprentices. Mr. Steppingstone had clearly more battle experience than Leonard and it made the deciding factor to his pyrrhic victory.

At last, the finals, the battle between the Dark Horse and the Student Council President will finally start!

"It's here! The finals would finally start! Who do you think would win, the dark horse or the student council president? Let me know!" The announcer shouted.




"Dark Horse!"

"Dark Horse!"


The audience shouted, naturally, Olivia had many more supporters than Kyle because her level is much higher and she ended all her fights in a matter of seconds whilst Kyle did not. Both them had 15 wins and 0 losses, but still, Olivia is the audience's favorite.

When Anna, Alice, Rose, Amelia, and Eva saw that Kyle had a few supporters, they shouted loudly 'til their throats dry.





When the men near them heard a beautiful ladies are rooting for Kyle, they were infuriated and started cursing him, while the women wondered why are the country-toppling beauties are rooting for Kyle.

"Now, participant Kyle Karsten and participant Miss Olivia White, please proceed to the stage within 15 seconds." The girl announced and started to blabber about how excited the match was.

Kyle went to the stage as his heartbeat started to pump blood faster and placed his hand on his chest to feel the beat of his heart.

Badum. Badum. Badum.

He walked to the stage with a heavy heart and looked at Olivia with a smile.

"Prez. please go easy on me." Kyle said with a laugh.

"..." Olivia didn't reply to his words and just stood there with her fighting stance. You could see that she's an ice user as she materialized a sword using ice.

Kyle gripped his martial sword harder and also did a fighting stance as the two both waited for the announcer to start the fight.

"3... 2... 1...Match Start!"


[Martial Sword]


A sword will materialize if you used this skill. This is an indestructible sword so no matter what you do with it, it will never break. The sword is also a growth-type weapon that grows along with its wielder/owner, so if the owner is weak the sword will also become weak. If the owner is a God, then the sword will become the God of swords.

Duration: Infinite

Cooldown: None

Coin Consumption: 100

(A/N: Since the beginning of the competition Kyle didn't unsummon the Martial Sword so out of the 500 coins that he received he only used 100. He also didn't use his Vanishing Step because that's his trump card.)

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