4 Stop Pestering Me

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Yin Qiang's face was bruised and swollen, and two of his front teeth had been knocked out.

"Mission failed!" The system's voice sounded.

Lin Youwei had yet to react.

Sensing the movement behind him, Lin Yu turned around.

"Come over!" His voice was slightly cold.

"Huh? He must be misunderstanding!" Seeing Lin Yu's ferocious appearance, Lin Youwei felt wronged in her heart. However, she still walked up to him like a docile kitten.

Looking at the little beauty in front of him, Lin Yu felt a little upset.

Lin Youwei was one of the female protagonists in the novel. How could she be related to a villain who was a minor character? What was going on? He did not write any romantic scenes between the two in the novel.

Was it because his novel had yet to end? He had only written 480,000 words, and had just begun the second volume where the protagonist and Lin Youwei were still in an ambiguous relationship. How come Lin Youwei had come to confess her love to him right after the story just started? Lin Yu was confused.

"Did you call those guys here?" Pointing at the people lying on the ground, he asked coldly.

Seeing that Lin Yu seemed to have misunderstood, Lin Youwei raised her head and hurriedly explained, "How could that be? I was afraid that Yin Qiang and the rest would bully you. That's why I rushed over."

"Since you knew that he would come after me, why did you say those words to me in public?" Lin Yu chuckled.

Lin Youwei was tongue-tied. Anyway, she could not say that she had a powerful system and she was carrying out the mission it gave her.

Lin Yu did not doubt Lin Youwei because he had set her character. It could be said that he understood her the best. However, facing such a situation, he still wanted to make it clear.

"Stop pestering me. I said that I want to learn now. I won't think about anything else other than learning. I never thought that you would like me either. Maybe you were doing this because you lost playing truth or dare with your friends. I don't want to be in trouble, so I hope you won't have any contact with me in the future."

Lin Yu just didn't want to cause any more trouble. After all, he was only a minor character. Without the protagonist's aura, he might lose his life if he offended too many people. Therefore, it was better to be careful. As long as Lin Youwei stayed away from him, he would be safe for the time being.

It was not that he did not like beautiful girls, but in his opinion, the beauty in front of him was like a hot potato that he could not touch. Otherwise, he would inevitably be set on fire. This small flame was now lying at his feet!

He had learned some mental cultivation skills, so the way he was thinking was different from ordinary people.

His lifespan would increase with the progress of his immortality cultivation. In this way, if he fell in love with someone, he could only do nothing but watch his beloved woman gradually grow old and die. Therefore, he would not let this happen to him.

According to the settings of his novel, other than the protagonist with Gold Finger and Fiery Lotus, no one could become an immortal through cultivation. Furthermore, the manual the protagonist used for his cultivation was the only one in the world.

This novel was mainly about how powerful the main character was, so there was only one Gold Finger. It was impossible for others to practice the same skills. And he did not set anything similar to the Fiery Lotus.

In Lin Yu's opinion, two people who loved each other must be together forever. They would die together and never be apart. But given his current situation, that was impossible.

Being single was actually a good thing. At least he didn't have to go through all that heartbreaking pain.

Lin Yu's eyebrows raised slightly. Seeing that Lin Youwei didn't do anything, he walked past her and said, "I'm leaving. Don't tell our teacher about this."

"Don't go!" Lin Youwei suddenly called out to him from behind. When Lin Yu turned around, she had trotted up to him. "Are you really not willing to be my boyfriend? Am I not pretty?" she asked, her eyes glistening with tears.

"Right. I don't like you. I'm sorry, but I can't be your boyfriend. Please don't cause me any more trouble!"

Lin Youwei was spouting nonsense about loving him again. Lin Yu turned around and left without even looking back. They hadn't even met before. How could she possibly fall in love with a stranger so casually? Even an idiot would not believe this.

Only when he gradually disappeared from Lin Youwei's sight did she finally come to her senses. She was rejected again! A sense of disappointment slowly rose within her.

"Humph! I don't believe a school belle can't win your heart!" Looking in the direction where Lin Yu had left, Lin Youwei grabbed the hem of her dress. "No wonder the system chose Lin Yu. He's such a straightforward boy! Just wait and see!" She waved her fist angrily.

Lin Yu turned down the school belle who confessed her love to him and beat up the bully who tried to teach him a lesson, so it would be difficult for him to keep a low profile even if he wanted to.

Back home, he went straight to the kitchen.

"Brother, you're back! I cooked dinner. Let's eat together," his younger sister, Lin Yao said with a sweet smile.

She had always hated him, so Lin Yu could tell there was something wrong with her. And he even suspected that she might have slipped some poison in the food.

Looking at the table full of dishes, he thought, "Did my sister finally decide to kill me with terrible food?"

He could tell Lin Yao did not poison the food because the food itself was poison. What the hell were these?! Watching the mushy food which had white smoke rising from it, Lin Yu finally voiced his thoughts. "Are you trying to murder your brother?"

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