I purple you and purple sky Book

novel - Romance

I purple you and purple sky


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A story about true and desperate love. Liam who is really broke and drowning in guilt and despair couldn't find the reason to live. He keeps blaming himself for his parent's death and ruining a lot of people's life. It pushes him to find such a way which makes his life worsen. Ashton is a cute nerdy kpop and kdrama fanboy. He loves poetry and writing fanfics. He is a goofy overthinker or in short a complete mess who finds it hard to even talk to boys but because he can't see anyone enduring pain or melancholic times, he always likes to bring smile on their face. But his loving and fragile nature turns into a real love for Liam and he tries really hard to console him. A story about how they met and how they held each other's hands in hard times. How their fates seperated and how universe brought them back after six years