17 Chapter 17 : Cash or check?




"No!" "No!" "No!"

"I will kill myself if you refuse!"

"Go to hell!"

"Master out of pity accept me as your disciple!"

"I have no mercy!"

On the way to the Heaven Arena everyone was looking at a man of about 28 years old advancing while a girl of about 15, 16 years old was clinging to his feet but the worst was that the young man was advancing ignoring the girl who was clinging to his feet whose face was constantly hitting the ground with every step of the man.

"Master, at least listen to the motives, if you listen to me and still refuse to accept me as a disciple I will stop harassing you."

Raigo thougth and nodded his head, Tatsukuta then let go of his feet and sat up, sweeping the dust on her face and clothes with her hands.

Curious passers-by also stopped to listen to the girl's story, wondering why such a pretty girl with a polite look was throwing herself at this young man she called a master.

Some of them were even willing to go to the nearest phone booth and call the police to come and arrest the young man for child abuse.(Raigo had a three-day beard and really looked like he was in his late twenties.)

Tatsukuta cleared her throat and took a sad expression.

"I come from a small town in Republic of West Gorteau, my mother died to give birth to me so I had to live with my father, he was a very strong martial artist of the seikido style, he always wanted a son to take over his dojo but he didn't remarry after my mother died and didn't have any other children, so he trained me to take over the family dojo, from my three years old until my ten years old, he trained me every day."

"Well, my father was strict and strict but I loved him very much, we lived together with the other disciples of the dojo like a real family, but a few years ago an illness struck the city in which we were close to 90% of the inhabitants died, including my father and the dojo's disciples, it was a real massacre, after burying my father and leaving the city, I learned that it was the work of a group of terorists."

She clenched her fists as tears fell from her cheeks.

"How could human beings do this to other humans, all the people I loved died, my friends, neighbors, family, so I continued training after my father's death so I could find those who had perpetrated such horrors and stop them."

"I have traveled many countries in recent years and faced many opponents to improve my martial art, but I am still weak, but during our fight for a short time I felt you hiding your strength, I felt a kind of feeling coming from you, as if you could have defeated me in one look, although we fought my instinct tells me that you are extremely stronger than what you show!"

"I want to become as strong as you! Master out of pity accept me as your disciple!"

Passers-by at this point began to cry, some even sobbed as they listened to the story of the Tatsukuta.

"Accept her as your disciple, sir!"

"Please help her!"

"Wait a minute, Where is he??"

That's when everyone including Tatsukuta noticed that Raigo had disappeared.

Raigo running towards the Heaven Arena wiped the sweat from his forehead.

"You think I have time to waste."

"Master wait!"

He turned around and saw Tatsukuta running desperately behind him.

"Shit, stop following me I've been listening to your story now fuck off!"

"Master, if you accept me as your disciple I'll give you 200 million!"

Raigo suddenly stopped, Tatsukuta saw this and was scared as he approached him.

"I'm an idiot, people like the master are martial artists devoted to their arts, vulgar things like money shouldn't interest them."

She sighed, thinking that she had angered Raigo.

"Master, forgive me, for insulting you...."

"How much?"

"Huh? What do you mean, master?"

"You said you'll pay me how much?"

"200 million..." She says nervously.

Raigo turn back and came in front of her in seconds with an extremely serious expression.

"Your story touched me very much, for the love of money *cough* *cough* I mean justice you will be my student from today!"

"But first you pay the 200 million in cash or check?"


In the night of March 16, 1976, Raigo accepted his first student with happiness before going to sleep to rest for the fight of the next day.

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