Ch 1 / I Only Wish For Your Love 33.3%

1 CHAPTER 1: My Heart in a Race

Keep calm.

It will pass.

Just let it pass and it will be fine.

It's been an hour so why hasn't the pounding in my ears stopped already?! It just gets louder... louder... the pace of my heart continues to grow and grow. I'm afraid my chest may just burst.

Why does she have to be so pretty? No wait! That's not possible! I don't even like girls, you stupid idiot! It's the boy next to her that is making my heart race... isn't it?

I've always liked boys, so I have to be straight. But why do I keep finding this girl in my English class so.... cute. You can't like both. I've never heard of it before, you can only be straight or gay. There is no in between, you stupid girl! Just choose a side already!

Those sky blue eyes will never look at you the way you look at her. Someone with hair that glows like a silver moon, and with clothes so perfectly fit and matched... she must have much higher expectations than I could ever reach. You don't love her and she won't ever love you back! It's simple. Now move on, Elizabeth.

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