I Only Want The Second Male Lead Book

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I Only Want The Second Male Lead


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Song Ying died from heart attack and her soul transmigrated into the last novel she had read called ' The CEO's Sweet Little Wife'. She became the villainess, Bai Xiu Ying who was Male Protagonist's childhood friend. She was head over heels in love with him and became a thron between MP and FP love journey. As a villainess, she tried to hurt Female Protagonist time after time and finally died in the hand of Male Protagonist. After reading the book Song Ying had a huge crush on the Second Male Lead and cried alot when he died in the end. After waking up as Bai Xiu Ying, the transmigrated Song Ying vowed she would never let herself and the Second Male Lead die as the original plot. " Whoever wants that stone-cold Male Lead can take him away! I only want the second male lead!" ................ Hello, this is a story of the Villainess and the second male lead love journey. There will be Funny, Strong and Confident Female Villainess Vs Cute, Protective & love-struck Second Male Lead. This is my ORIGINAL BOOK and not a translation. This is my first time writing a book and english is my second language. So if there are any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, please forgive me. Warning *there will be some smut scenes *


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