14 Chapter 14: Refining

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Boom! Boom!

The entire cave was filled with deafening sounds and blinding light.

Luo Tiange couldn't see the battle trajectory of the old madman and the Crimson Gorilla at all.

This feeling was like a mortal watching a god's battle. It shook his heart and was indescribable.

"What level is the old madman at?"

"I'm afraid that even if all the ancestors in the ancestral land joined forces, they wouldn't be a match for him."

"Although this Zhuyan isn't one of the ten archaic vicious beasts, he's still about the same level. He's indeed terrifying!"

Luo Tiange hid behind a rock wall and poked his head out from time to time to watch the battle between a man and a vicious beast.

This battle lasted for half a day.

Towards the end, the sounds of battle became softer and softer.

They were all at the end of their strength.

Luo Tiange looked at the old madman with a worried expression.

The Old Madman's body was covered in cuts and bruises.

The long sword in his hand was also trembling slightly.

It seemed that he had fallen to the end of his life.

On the other side, Zhuyan wasn't faring any better.

On his huge body, wounds so deep that his bones could be seen appeared.

Fresh blood dyed his entire body red.

His Dharma Idol, heaven and earth, had long disappeared.

"Damn bug, are you going to die fighting with me?" Zhuyan roared angrily.

"Hmph, I'm fine. If you don't heal your injuries, you'll die!" The Old Madman said.

"Then let's see Who Dies First!"

The Zhuyan stretched out his sky-covering hand and slapped.

The old madman was unafraid. He brandished his long sword and pounced forward once again.

A Man and a fierce beast fought together.

The air was distorted, the airwaves were shaken, and the sounds of explosions were incessant.

Half a moment later.


The Zhuyan and the old madman flew backward at the same time and landed heavily on the ground.

The old adman's chest caved in, and his face was pale. Blood kept flowing out.

He struggled a few times, but he still couldn't stand up.

The Zhuyan also fell to the ground. A large hole was opened in his chest, and a small cut was made on his heart. Blood kept flowing out.

Both of them were extremely miserable.

"System, are you done?"

Luo Tiange's face was filled with worry.

If this fight continued, the old madman would definitely die.

"Just a little bit more."

Hearing this, Luo Tiange nodded to himself.

He looked at Zhuyan, ready to find an opportunity.

"Damn bug, even if I die, you'll be the first!"


The Zhuyan roared and struggled to stand up.

He used all his strength to lift his foot, aiming at the old madman's head Like a heavenly pillar, and then stepped on it.

The old madman's expression changed slightly, and he kept stepping back.

However, he was heavily injured, and he couldn't move at all.

"Don't tell me I have to use that move? If my Dao injuries are affected, I'm afraid I'll die here."

The old madman looked at the huge foot, and his expression changed uncertainly.


Luo Tiange roared.

The Zhuyan raised his head, and when he saw Luo Tiange, the corners of his mouth were filled with a cold smile.

He didn't take him seriously at all.

Not only did he not stop, but he also increased his speed.


The Zhuyan raised his eyebrows, and a sense of crisis enveloped his heart.

When he looked back, his expression changed drastically.

He saw.

A white bead was flying toward him.

Its speed was incredible.

"That old guy's natal bead."

How could the Zhuyan not recognize this bead?

This was his old rival. All this time, he had been beaten up by the Flaming Chi.

He did not expect it to die first.

If he was burned by this thing, he would still be severely injured even if he did not die.


The Zhuyan hurriedly stopped. At the same time, his body rapidly shrank, and he quickly dodged the pearl's attack.

Although his reaction was swift, he was still one step too slow.


The white pearl directly touched his buttocks, making sizzling sounds.

Half of its butt was burnt. It was so painful that the crimson gorilla bared its teeth and cried out repeatedly.

It swept its gaze over and stared directly at the Flaming Chi.

"Little beast, it's you!"

"You dare to provoke me, go to hell!"

The crimson gorilla let out an angry roar, and its body rapidly expanded. It extended its palm that covered the sky and slapped over.

A terrifying pressure enveloped the Flaming Chi's body.

At this moment, the Flaming Chi's body was confined and could not move.

The Flaming Chi was about to be smashed into meat paste by the Crimson Gorilla's palm.

At this moment.


An invisible force enveloped the crimson gorilla's body.

"Damn it, what is this thing?

"Break for me!"

The crimson gorilla roared repeatedly and attacked crazily.

However, it was useless.

The Invisible Force became stronger and stronger. When it pressed on the Crimson Gorilla's body, it was as if it was carrying thousands of mountains on its back. It was unable to move at all.


An unwilling roar echoed throughout the entire fiend prison.

The Zhuyan's body cracked open, and light rays spread out from the cracks.

Its body cracked open with the naked eye and finally turned into ashes.

"Ding! Grade one origin power detected +5."

A system notification sounded.

Hearing this, Luo Tiange let out a long sigh of relief, thinking it was a close call.

If it weren't for the Flaming Chi attracting the Zhuyan's attention and injuring it, he really wouldn't have been able to refine it.

"Five drops of source power?"

Luo Tiange's eyes lit up, and his face was full of joy.

That's five times more refined than from the Phoenix.

It's the kind of thing that makes the gods go crazy.

Without hesitation, Luo Tiange opened his mouth and directly swallowed the five drops of origin power.

An endless stream of warmth that floats through your body.

One after another, the runes followed the warm current and rushed into Luo Tiange's mind.

"Dharma Idol Heaven and Earth."

Luo Tiange was pleasantly surprised. He didn't expect that he would actually refine a life-bound precious technique.

This was truly an unexpected harvest.

This life-bound precious technique seemed to be branded into his soul. He only needed to give himself time to comprehend it.

Not long after.

"Fiery eye golden clear!"

"Ever-changing and ever-changing."

The divine abilities of the two races were branded into his mind.

Similarly, he only needed a certain amount of time to comprehend them.

The rewards this time were unimaginable.

"Eh, this is?"

Luo Tiange looked at the system interface. It displayed: 29 days, 12 hours.

It was the countdown for the system refresh. It was more than ten hours less than the last time.

"System, why is the cooldown reduced?" Luo Tiange asked.

"The stronger the host is, the shorter the Cooldown!" The system said.

"That's Great."

Luo Tiange's eyes lit up.

He thought about how he would be able to refine infinitely in the near future.


Luo Tiange heaved a long sigh of relief and walked to the old madman.

"Big Brother, how is it?" Luo Tiange helped him up.

"I won't die yet. I'll have to recuperate for five years now," the old madman said.

"No need."

Luo Tiange immersed his mind and used a drop of origin power that he had just obtained to feed the old madman.

The old madman's injuries healed at a visible speed.

In less than a moment.

He stood up, his pale face turning ruddy.

His eyes were filled with joy.

"You've recovered?"

The old madman stared at Luo Tiange in a daze, his face full of disbelief.

"This... This is the legendary..." the old madman wanted to say something, but he hesitated and didn't say it out loud.

"Oh right, where's the Zhuyan?" the old madman asked.

"He's turned into powder," Luo Tiange said.

"The Zhuyan is so powerful. His flesh and blood are definitely stronger than the Undying Phoenix. If he's refined like this, he's really a heavenly treasure!" The old madman revealed a pained expression.

"I can't do anything about it." Luo Tiange revealed a bitter smile.

"Eh, this is..."

Suddenly, the old madman raised his eyebrows and said excitedly, "The Dao wounds in my body seem to be healing!"

"I'm going into closed-door cultivation!"

After saying that, the old madman disappeared.

A moment later.


With a sound, the old madman appeared again.

"While I'm in closed-door cultivation, you can eat as much of the phoenix meat as you like and use the chaos pot as you wish," the old madman said.

"Thank you, Big Brother." Luo Tiange nodded.

"Why are you being so polite with me? You can explore other places as well, as long as you pay attention to your safety. By the way, you must never go to the places I've marked! Do you understand?" The old madman warned again and again.

"I understand!"


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