"Under the Twin Seleno"

The twin seleno have risen afar in the middle of the night. As it's moons brighten the way their mixture of yellow and red. Yellow is the big one and the smaller red, is it's parasitic like twin that crush on the surface of the moon a billion years or so ago. It's color lightens the dark night and the red halo of the moon from the small one radiates faintly on the background.

It's so majestic and so divine.

But under this enchanting beauty are the people on the surface of the ground. Sweat and glory glisten from the working men as they make their way for a certain someone so their "misunderstanding" earlier will be resolve. Their strong arms flex as they dug deeper into the grounds with just only their shovel and pickaxes.

A thousand miles from their unit was a house like castle made of the finest minerals and the strongest of stones. Its walls were ornamented with the finest decorum and its halls echoes its history that traces its predecessors until the present masters.

Portraits after portraits decorated the halls of the castle. Not even a single speck could be seen and even the define structures of each member's appearance of the Kargess Family were done with high level of artistry. Bearing not only their picture but their glory radiates as well.

All of them were here but not a boy named Brone Marcus. The one who is destined to suffer much more than death. After this famed prophecy from an Elder Witch of the Fellows of Kin Council the boy's life had never been better. He was treated as a disease and look down from the family tree. Not only he was cast of as a Kargess but he was also named after some stranger he never even have met.

Poor Brone... indeed

He always said to himself as he cast off his gaze from the men before him.

But despite his short coming, his twin brother Isagani remained the same. Although there were some cases that his brother could be a little narcissistic to himself and often gloat or boast. He never cross the line of hurting his little brother's feeling. After all he have everything else, what can his little brother have than himself?

"Hey you... Wanna play another round of toss the ball?" Isagani ask as he saw Brone walking alone the halls with himself.

Brone didn't answer immediately as he look at his brother holding a hand-made ball with his left hand while his right one were on his waste as he smirk at him. As if he knew Brone would losses again. "It's already dark Isagani. Haven't we played already?" he reasoned.

"Don't be a wussy... come on its gonna be fun, in fact i already learned a new trick from my ability but i haven't named it yet. You might as well help me name this thing. Come on let's go!" Isagani run off the halls leaving faint trails of his foot like an almost burned footprint on the carpet. Brone hesitated for a while until he follows his brother to their yard.

But of course. Everything what happened to him with his brother were all on the past now. And he didn't want to rekindle those moments again or the fact that he have a connection with those family by blood.

Brone's eyes shifted towards the twin seleno hovering above him. Its majestic beauty always fazed him and the wonders of this moons ignited his curiosity. But right now, he have something more important than to distract himself with stargazing.

"Master, the Churinium have been acquired. Now set us off and take this implants, like you promised" One of the men said before he handed the mineral to the young man in front of him.

"I take what i take and left nothing even a single bone" He repeated what the man have said to him earlier.

"But you promised us. How shameless you are to back down your words!" He shouted, gone before the meek little subordinate on his eyes and replace it with hostility like the way who he was. A bandit.

"You're right... i am shameless" Brone remark without a hint of emotion as he stared directly to the man before him with glacial frost.

"You'll pay for this!" the bandit shouted as he took out his hidden dagger from his clothes and tried to stab him. But suddenly he felt something weird happening inside his body.

"Oh.. no"

The man's eyes widen but in those few four minutes of standing there reduces the probability of him staying alive.

"One.." Brone whispered and the man in front of him suddenly let out a shaky breath as he look at his stomach.


A deep hole appeared out of nowhere from his abdomen. It was so deep that you could barely see his entrails inside. Shock was written on his face replace by tremor of fear and pain as he unconsciously fall flat on the ground.

"Two... three... four, five.. six and seven, eight" One body from another fall down from disgrace as a nasty hole appeared on their abdomen. Brone was unfazed of this scenario as he watch them one by one fall into his hands.

After he took the Churinium minerals from the corpses of the men and took some loot for himself like money, bullets and gun powder. He walk away without a care of their remains.

He was expectant that those remains will be eaten by rodents or beast later. And so he leave the area without looking back.

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