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I Need Memory


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"MIRA! YAH! CHOI MIRA! IREONA! You can't do this to me... I'll... I'll not let anything happen to you... I know that you can hear me! So please... Please... Wake up! Mira-yah..." He screamed louder than the pouring rain as his outright rough voice cracked in despair. Even in that dizzy and almost unconscious state, I could sense him panicking in fret and fear. He was definitely crying and that thought alone broke my heart into a million pieces. He cried harder, calling out that name. My name, I supposed... My hands held the steering wheel tightly when the vehicle moved forward with a dangerous creaking sound louder than the blaring thunder. The jeep was hanging halfway through the cliff. I could hear him scream and cry his heart out. He was begging me to stay still. But I couldn't. A sudden fear engulfed my mind at that tragic moment and I felt myself break more. The fear of not being able to see him again. It was overtaking my sanity and all I could think of was, him. And regardless of the consequences, I wanted to see his face, for one last time. And I was well aware of what was next. I turned around to have one final glance at the beautiful boy who made my heartbeats race every single time. At that moment, I could feel my deepest emotions yearning to treasure his loving face as my last memory. Not knowing what I was about to do, he kept crying out my name while he struggled with all his might to hold the jeep back from moving anymore further. I was a heartbeat away from meeting his mesmerizing gaze for a last time. Right then, it happened. The jeep went off the cliff with a strike of lightning and a loud thunder following it.


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