I Met the Male Lead in Prison
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I Met the Male Lead in Prison


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What is I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison is a popular web novel written by the author ohcocanuts, covering REINCARNATION, ROMANCE, FANTASY, LOVE TRIANGLE, FEMALE PROTAGANIST, DOTING SIBLING, DRAMA, PRISON, CONFINEMENT, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 33.8K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 1 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 16 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


I met the male lead in prison. Okay. I get that I transmigrated into an R-19 tragic romantic novel, but why is he like this? “Bark! Bark! Bark! Grrrrrr…” I can’t believe this guy is held by a curse that makes him act like a beast…And that’s not the end of it, because when he returns to normal for a moment. “I-i-if you aren’t g-going to take responsibility for what you did to me, th-th-then don’t t-touch me!” At any rate, I felt relieved that I probably wouldn’t have any sort of romantic interactions with this guy. A year later… “Th-th-the day I leave this place, please…m-meet up with me!” Well it wouldn’t be a big deal to meet him once. But, then, when I was released from prison… *** “Welcome back. My lovely younger sister.” The day of my release, a man approached me. Turns out, I’m the villain’s sister. “You must have suffered going to prison in my stead. I waited only for you.” …F*ck. My brother’s the male lead’s sworn enemy? *** 3 years later, I met the male lead. He looked totally different than when I last saw him. “It’s been a while, Iana. I’m going to kidnap you now.” __________ Update Every Thursday!! __________ original author: Moon Shi-hyun Translator: SKAIS Editor: SKAIS translation found from wuxia world please if you can support the original author♡


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