1 Pretending to Be A Couple

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"You're just a stinky soldier and you still want to go on a blind date with me? No way!"

Outside a shopping mall in Sun City, William Scott heard the mocking voice of the woman on the phone and smiled bitterly.

As the leader of the most mysterious army in the country, Beast Howl, he had spent five years in a hail of bullets. Now that he had retired from the army and returned to the city, he had been forced to go on blind dates. Unexpectedly, his blind date partner was a snob who looked down on him.

"How am I going to report back home!"

William Scott had a headache. If his family found out that the blind date had failed, he would probably be nagged to death.

Ta ta…

Just as William Scott was thinking about this, a woman with long legs covered in black stockings walked towards him in high heels. The woman's collar was slightly opened, revealing a snow-white ravine. Coupled with her beautiful oval face, she looked very imposing.

"Mom, I know. I really already have a boyfriend. Can you stop worrying? If you don't believe me, I'll get him to talk to you now…"

The woman made the call as she walked, a look of deep resignation on her face.

The woman walked up to William Scott and her eyes lit up. She covered the receiver with her hand and said to William Scott, "I'll give you 1,000 dollars to pretend to be my boyfriend."

William Scott was stunned. What was going on?

"If it's too little, I can give you however much you want!"

When the woman saw that William Scott was indifferent, she became a little anxious.

William Scott smiled and took the woman's phone. He said politely, "Hello, Auntie. I'm William Scott."

The woman heaved a sigh of relief and immediately took the phone back. "Okay, now you hear me, right? I really have a boyfriend… What? You'll be at the bus stop in half an hour?"

The woman almost shouted out the rest of her sentence, and her face was filled with fear.

"Okay, okay… I'll pick you up… I'll pick you up…"

William Scott looked at her silently and found it very interesting. This woman had wanted to find him to coax her parents, but she had unexpectedly shot herself in the foot. Her parents were actually rushing over.

Yvette Quinn put down the phone and frowned. She turned to look at William Scott and saw his mocking smile. Her expression turned even more awful and she said in a cold voice, "Come with me to deal with my parents. My parents will probably stay here for a week at most. In this week, you can just appear a few times. How about that? Of course, I'll give you more money!"

Yvette Quinn clenched her fists and looked at William Scott anxiously.

William Scott shook his head.

Yvette Quinn frowned. "20 thousand! Don't be too greedy. 20 thousand is not a small amount. Many people can't even make 20 thousand a year!"

William Scott shook his head again. "It's not about money!"

"Then you…" Yvette Quinn's face turned cold. "You still want…"

William Scott rolled his eyes. "Even though you're pretty, I don't want to threaten you when you're in trouble, alright?"

"Then… what are your conditions?" Yvette Quinn's expression softened, but she was still wary.

"It's simple. I'm in the same boat as you now. I'll pretend to be your boyfriend to deal with your parents. You have to help me with this once too. Pretend to be my girlfriend and deal with my parents."

William Scott thought about it and said.

"That's impossible!" Yvette Quinn refused without hesitation.

"If you can't, then forget it. See you then!"

William Scott smiled and waved before turning around to leave.

Yvette Quinn did not expect William Scott to leave just like that. She was furious but now that her parents knew about William Scott, there was no way she could replace him. She could only shout at William Scott angrily,

"Alright! I promise you!"


"Remember, my name is Yvette Quinn. I'm 25 years old this year. I'm the CEO of Larson Company. My father is Yoel Quinn. He's 55 years old this year. My mother, Yvonne Shaw, is 47 years old this year. My father is in the army. His rank is Senior Colonel. My mother is a civil servant. She's the director of the District Finance Bureau."

William Scott got into Yvette Quinn's car. As soon as he got in, Yvette Quinn told him about her situation to prevent him from exposing himself.

"CEO? Impressive! And you come from a prominent family!"

William Scott gave Yvette Quinn a thumbs up and said, "With your qualities and looks, my parents will be very satisfied if you pretend to be my girlfriend and come home with me."

"You don't look like you have much work to do, do you? My parents value individual ability very much. They will definitely be dissatisfied with you. No, I have to think of a new identity for you!"

Yvette Quinn sized William Scott up and saw that he was dressed very simply. She said with a slight headache, "How about this? From now on, you'll be the Vice President of a hotel. You just have to deal with it!"

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