1 When We Felt a Spark

"Stop being a little shit," I yell the newest bad guy in my favorite show. My neighbor knocks on the thin wall, letting me know I'm being to loud. "Sorry Lauren," I say pausing my show.

"No problem," I hear her say back. I blush as I hear her voice, happy to think about the amazing girl. Lauren is so gorgeous and kind to me. Despite being 27, I still feel like a child with my crush on her.

I think for a moment before getting an idea. "You should come over some time," I say to her. I wait for a moment or two, knowing she'll likely say no as she's way too-

"Okay, I could come over in a few minutes. I would like to know what my you so mad."

I feel myself smile at thought of her coming over. "Yeah, okay. See you in a bit," I say happily. I quickly tie my dirty blonde hair into a messy ponytail before I go to the door to wait for her. After a minute I hear a knock on the door and pause a moment to make it seem like I wasn't waiting for her.

I take a deep breath before opening up the door. I immediately see Lauren, the most beautiful girl in the world. Her average height, shoulder length ginger hair, fair yet freckled skin, icy blue eyes, a thin nose, and a wonderful smile with a small gap between her front two teeth. Even when wearing a loose black tank top, and dark green basketball shorts, she's stunning. "So was infuriating things are we watching, Miss Lizbeth?" she says with a wink, breaking me out of my trance.

I almost correct her and say my name is Elizabeth before realizing it's probably (hopefully) a nickname. "We're watching," I start to say before realizing I can't find the remote, "...nothing? Sorry, I'm not sure where I set down the remote."

Lauren smiles at me before walking over the couch to help me look. Unsurprisingly she finds it right away, under the couch pillow. I feel immediate embarrassment before laughing it off. "My knight in shining armor, what would I do without you?"