1 New School, New Life

"Let the past disappear and let the present take over" Yuxue whispered while walking towards her new school.

[New School, New life]

Mingxian Highschool is bigger than her last school. Plants everywhere, No Trashes, just clear pathwalk, Students laughing clearly enjoyung their life at school. [It's better than i thought]

A female student went to her waving. [Is she waving at me?] .

"Hello! Ms. Lu told me to pick you up" The female student informed while smiling which made Yuxue smile too [ Her smile is infectious, not that i am complaining though].

The female student led the way. They opened the door. Yuxue saw how much organized and lively the school is. The lockers have different designs. the students uniform is Red. After a few minutes if walking they reached a dead end. the female student stopped in her tracks, which made Yuxue stop in her tracks aswell.