528 Baby number two

Sei needed to get her to the hospital right away! He rushed to her and made sure she was ok as he sat her down on the toilet.

"I… we have to get you to the hospital, Davi! I'll go get the car ready and we ca-"

"There's no time for that anymore, Sei. It's too far away and I think the baby is coming soon," Davi said, a hint of panic breaking through in her voice.

Sei was in a panic. What was he supposed to do? This wasn't part of the plan! She was supposed to have the baby at the hospital but now… think Sei, think!

"Davi, I have to call for help…"

"No! Stay with me, please," she begged. She didn't want Sei to leave her by herself. What if something happened while he was gone?

Sei, for the first time in his life, was utterly scared. Oh God, what should he do?

Thankfully, the door opened and their son entered.

"What's going on?"

Sei looked like God had answered his prayer in an instant and sent an angel in the form of his son.


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