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Scene 1: "Like it?” a man’s low voice sounded close to her ears. “It’s sexy,” she replied without taking her eyes off. There was that itchy feeling inside her. Her flying license does not limit her to flying one like this. “Oh,” he said smilingly. He gestured for her to take the steps first and with no hesitation, she moved forward with excitement. There were three steps left to the top when she felt her back empty so she turned. He was standing a few steps down from her and was quietly watching her back. “What?” she asked. “Sexy.” He returned in a magnetic voice. She smirked. ***** Scene 2: “Let me go!” she warned and tried to shake his hands off from her. “Stop moving.” Injin noted the hoarseness of his voice and the quickened breathing. She stopped and turned her head sideways to look at his eyes coldly. She asked him: “Do you want me to help you?” ***** Update as of May 7, 2019 Although my stories are standalone and can be read separately, the characters and events are interrelated. (I can't change it because every backstory has already been outlined.) Captain Yu's story comes last. Hence, it will be updated in the later part of 2020. I deleted the posted chapters for editing purposes. Apologies! For now, check my other work. Thank you for your support! - TJC

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