I Love You A Latte, Sweetie! Book

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I Love You A Latte, Sweetie!


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Zhao Jin got involved in a gang fight together with his friends. All of them were suspended and during his suspension break, he spent his time visiting his brother, Zhao Feng on his cafe—2.Z Hao. His older brother, Zhao Feng is expected to graduate few months from now. And since Zhao Feng will be very busy in attending all the schedules of their graduation rites practices, he took the chance to asked his brother Zhao Jin, to be the temporary manager but not the owner of his cafe for a while. Zhao Jin was against it since he doesn't have any experience on how to run any business so far. That's why,Zhao Feng did everything to pleased his younger brother and he even told him that he will help Zhao Jin to find the love of his life! Zhao Jin finally agreed and during his week as the temporary owner, he witnessed a scene where a couple was fighting inside 2.Z Hao cafe. It bothered him so much since it may affect his brother's business! As he watched the girl who's been stupefied after her ex-boyfriend dumped her and even left a scar at her heart, Zhao Jin seems to be bothered and affected. As there world seems to be fated to meet each other, will he be the one to help her move on later on?


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